Facebook Does Not Stop: There will Also be NFTS in the Metaverse!


Social media giant Facebook is sharing new information about the metaverse, which it has started to develop, every day. According to the latest statements NFT’s will also be included in Facebook’s metaverse.

Facebook, Metaverse and NFTs

Facebook announced on Thursday that the company’s metaverse system, the digital collection format, is evolving Ethereumit announced that it will support non-fungible tokens (NFT) along with adding support for

Vishal Shah, Head of Metaverse Products at Facebook, said in a statement on the matter, “This will make it easier for people to sell a limited number of digital objects, such as NFTs, display them in their digital space, and even sell them safely to the next person” he used his words.

In addition to these, Shah october, “Our goal is to provide a way for as many players as possible to start a business in the metaverse” he added his words.

The social media giant the metaverse he is taking back-to-back steps to be a part of the developments related to. For example, for this purpose, Facebook has acquired Oculus, a manufacturer of virtual reality headsets. He also announced that 10,000 people will be hired to work on this issue and that he will allocate $ 10 billion in capital.

The Importance of Privacy and Security

October Facebook CEO today in addition to these statements Mark Zuckerberg, opening its annual conference on virtual and augmented reality, said that privacy and security should be placed in the metaverse.

Speaking during the live Facebook Connect event, the CEO gave examples of privacy and security controls that will be needed in the metaverse, such as the ability to block someone from appearing in your area.

In addition to all this, according to the october obtained information Facebook he also announced that he would change his name to “Meta”.

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