Experts Predict Parabolic Movement in the Leading Altcoin Ethereum (ETH)


Crypto analyst known as Galaxy on Twitter, Ethereumhe noted that ‘un will reach an all-time high against Bitcoin. That being said ETH/BTCit turned out that it was close to three-year highs.


The popular crypto currency analyst Galaxy has expressed that he expects a parabolic increase for the largest altcoin. Send your feedback via Twitter to Galaxy, ETH/BTChe believes that after a stronger performance compared to his previous move with a vertical movement, he will reach his peak. The experienced analyst expressed his expectations as follows: “I have been waiting for ETH/BTC for many years when I looked at the big picture and showed you its charts. We’re finally where we want to be. ETH is about to enter a parabolic mode. Wait and witness how crazy things are going to get.”

ETH/BTC it reached as high as 0.085 this week and climbed to its high level after a brief rise in May this year. Beyond that, only in 2018, the pair increased to 0.15 on some exchanges, which significantly damaged the ceiling.

The Latest Situation and Expectations in the Ethereum Price

On a US dollar basis, the picture is similarly promising and Ethereum it remains an upward trend. The largest altcoin had touched an all-time high of $4,859 23 days earlier. As for ETH, analysts’ opinions are shaping up in a distinctly bullish direction. Popular investor Pentoshi, ETH he said: “If the current trend continues, a strong run based on structure is coming.”

The Ethereum price is trading at $4,500 at the time of this writing. The shell replacement of the network is being designed to move DEFI’s locomotive higher. Ethereum, corporate interest and the burning mechanism are struggling to get the $5,000 flag.

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