Exciting Prediction from the Famous Analyst! These 3 Metaverse Altcoins Can Make 100x


Famous crypto currency analyst and the trader Lark Davis, with strong base and high explosion potential in the last month of 2021 3 NFT metaverse altcoins‘i shared it with my followers.

Efinity (EFI)

First in the list, Enjin by Polkadot a next-generation blockchain for digital assets built on Efinity (EFI) is taking place.

Lark Devis, Efinity in his statements about him, he gave the following statements;

“Enjin, if you’re not familiar with it, is the highest player in the market capitalization of the gaming world. Enjin is the OG of the gaming crypto world, and we have been talking about Enjin since 2018. They’re everywhere. They know about NFTs. They know how to play games. It is already one of the most widely adopted, most successful game-oriented cryptocurrencies.

Efinity is actually a cross-chain network with crazy scalability. The fact that you have in-game currencies in more than one game, thousands of games are supported on their network, and real NFTIt’s the kind of scalability you’ll need for the ‘s to change hands back and forth all the time.”

So much so that the project has recently Enfinity Metaverse Fund he successfully raised $ 100 million for the.

Terra Virtua (TVK)

As for the second high-potential metaverse altcoin, the analyst Terra Virtuahe said that it has the potential to experience a big bang. Terra Virtua is a cross-platform NFT ecosystem that provides a curated trading platform for NFT creators and collectors to interact. Terra Virtua dec platform covers web, PC and mobile AR/VR environments.

Terra Virtua’s approach to collectible products is to engage users in new and unique ways. Using gamification, we are moving from just collecting to completing, to influencing users by competing and creating new experiences.

“Terra Virtua, NFT a great game for the field and a great game for the metaverse field. They make really great NFTs. They work with some of the biggest brands in the world. They are working with Paramount, which brings their largest film franchise to the world of NFT. They’re working with Unity. They work with The Unreal.”


Finally, with more than 300 video game customers Epic, is a leading global NFT licensing technology company that places brands in video games to produce premium digital elements and experiences for more than a billion players worldwide, with the world’s largest digital ecosystem with hundreds of the most popular entertainment brands in the world.

“If this is taken into account the potential for partnerships and what the project actually is, it currently has a very low market value”

The analyst also EPIK Prime‘s Universal, Warner Music Group, Ultraman etc. he also emphasizes that he works with amazing brands such as.

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