Everything You Need to Know About Decentraland (MANA)!


There are a lot of details you need to know about Decentraland (MANA), which has risen to the 42nd largest crypto currency position and reached a market capitalization of $ 4.5 billion. The Metaverse especially with the step taken by Facebook, it has started to be talked about seriously. We are now closer than ever to the space universe that we have seen in movies for many years, and the industry’s biggest future players are offering early investment opportunities.

What is Decentraland (MANA)?

Decentraland (MEANING), Ethereum (ETH) is a virtual reality platform running on the network. It allows users to create, experience and monetize content and applications. “The Metaverse in this virtual world, also called “”, users can buy plots of land that they can navigate, build on and earn money on.

MANA is in the platform’s metadata store NFT‘s are burned to obtain a Ethereum it is a token based on. They can also be used to purchase avatars, wearables, names, and more.

Who is the Founder of Decentraland (MANA)?

Decentraland, Ariel Meilich and Esteban Ordano it was founded jointly by the two- both have since left major roles, but still act as consultants. Meilich is an entrepreneur who has founded several start-ups and is an analyst at a venture fund.

Ordano, on the other hand, worked as a software engineer on crypto-oriented projects. He started his own company to develop smart contracts. There is also a blockchain infrastructure company.

who launched his ICO in 2017 Decentraland (MEANING) it has come down to these days.

What is the Difference between the Decentraland (MANA) Project?

Decentraland is created for creators, businesses and individuals who are looking for a new artistic environment, business opportunities or a source of entertainment. Decentraland the game world is divided into 90,601 separate LAND plots, each of which is represented by an NFT.

LAND plots are 16 square meters in area and represent a certain coordinate on the metaverse. LANDOWNERS can turn their plot into anything, but The Metaversemost of them are divided into different zones with different sizes and themes. MANA owners make suggestions and vote on policy updates, features of LAND auctions, and the types of content allowed in the Metaverse.

There are many Decentralands (MEANING user, LANDhe earns money through renting and advertising.

How Many Decentraland (MANA) Tokens Are in Circulation?

Although its total supply is limited to 2.2 billion, 1.8 billion of it is currently in circulation. The project has quite useful token burning mechanisms. For example Decentraland 2.5% in marketplace transactions MEANING the incineration process is carried out.

MEANING 40% of its supply was sold during the 2017 ICO, the remaining 60% was decoupled equally among the company, the community, the development team and early stage contributors. Since the project works on the Ethereum (ETH) network, it is also considered safe from attacks.

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