Ethereum (ETH) Year-End Forecasts: Do Crazy Expectations Reflect Reality?


The largest altcoin Ethereum, experts and experienced names have great expectations, and then they are traded at significant levels. Which reached an all-time high of $4,878 on November 10 ETH, the market was down as much as $3,971 on the recorded retracement.

Ethereum Reviews

Investors remain hopeful about future price movements, while investment strategist Raoul Pal noted that Ethereum is following Bitcoin with simulated movements. BitcoinPal, who shared the price movement of 2017 via Twitter, underlined the important points.

The leading crypto currency Bitcoin In December 2017, he recorded a major rally and went from a price of $ 6,000 to $ 19,000. This period was marked by a 236% increase in the charts. Ethereum has not been able to climb the $6,000 price band for the time being. But even so, in his opinion, critical moves are expected in ETH due to the imitation of BTC.

That being said Ethereum if it records an increase of 236% from this level, it will reach a level of $ 11,200. With the appearance of this place, ETH’s $19,000 journey will be revealed. The expected 343% increase in the charts will determine the roadmap of a memorable rally.

How Much Truth Does the Expectation of a Rally Reflect?

Bitcoinit is worth recalling that the is the only one of its kind. Ethereum, on the other hand, is not the next Bitcoin. In fact, the ETH rise does not give a strong enough signal to support a 343% rise. Even a rally of 236% looks doubtful. During August-November, the strongest rally period, Ethereum recorded a three-month increase of 174%. dec.

However, at best, the dec1.000 dollar level is among the possibilities that will become a reality. Currently, almost 142,000 contracts require this. Decoupling all the parts together ETH $ 11.00 can extend to the passenger. Of course, participation is quite important, as an increasing number of investors is the key to any rally.

At the end of the month of September 2017 Bitcoin, it had about 646,000 active addresses on the network. This increased to 1.15 million at the beginning of 2018. ETH had about 450,000 addresses by the end of September. Despite the fact that it has more addresses than Bitcoin, Ethereum still attracts attention with its low number of active addresses. If ETH wants to achieve its goal of $11,000, it needs to change these rates, that is, increase them.

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