Ethereum (ETH) May Increase by 300 Percent By This Date!


Ethereum (ETH) has had an impressive rally this year. The price soon reached the $5,000 limit, so what’s the next goal? Which continues to grow steadily Ethereum in the medium term, it can reach $ 15,000. Current data show that the price is following a similar path to 2017. Ethereum the price estimates are lip service.

I ethereu (ETH)

In the year we are in, which makes movements similar to the period of 2017 The price of Ethereum, it has created many ATH points throughout the year. There are interesting similarities in the charts of the ETH price for 2017 and 2021. Satisfactory in the second quarter in both years ATH we’ve seen the levels. the price, which reached $ 420 in the second quarter of 2017, saw $ 4384 in the same period this year. Again, higher ATH levels were determined in the last quarters of the same two periods.

Now, if the attached weekly chart is observed, a fractal pattern dec be observed between 2017 and 2021. At the moment, the model of 2021 is at the peak of a colossal break of 253%. during the 2017 rally, the upswing ETHhe increased the value of up to $ 1,420. If there is a 253% market repetition, Ethereum (ETH) It could reach as high as $15,750 by the third week of December.

In such a scenario, Ethereumthe market value of the will exceed $ 1.5 trillion.

Similarities and Differences

ETHThe Net Unrealized Profit/Loss of is similar to that in 2017 and 2021. in 2017, the NUPL value was around 0.71 these days, while the NUPL value of ETH was 0.69 at the time of writing. But in the same period of 2017, market enthusiasm was at its peak. On the contrary, investors today do not seem to be in the same situation. At least for now, we don’t see investors making serious gains.

Current illiquid Ethereum it is also important to understand that its supply has increased slightly. DeFi, ETH 2.0, smart contracts, all these functions are too much ETHhe took the out of circulation. All of these Ethereumit increases the long-term value of . Nevertheless, it is important to understand that illiquid supply, which does not move in the market, also has no effect on the price direction.

As everyone agrees, the crypto currency markets are unpredictable. Although such a possibility may seem strong in the light of past experience, it is in the interests of investors to act more cautiously.

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