Ethereum (ETH) Killers and Gaming Projects Outperform Bitcoin (BTC)!


Not only Bitcoin (BTC), but also such projects began to outperform such powerful ones as Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA). Especially with the NFT wind in the crypto currency markets, there is an excitement of Metaverse-oriented projects. This is followed by projects referred to as Ethereum (ETH) killers (or competitors).

They Have Earned More than Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH

Solana (LEFT) yesterday, the new highest level with 246 dollars (ATH) he determined. It is followed by Polkadot (DOT) with an increase of 7%. BTC and Ethereum and he makes relatively more modest gestures to them. This is important for us to see where the hot money in the market is flowing. I’ve been doing the same thing in recent months NFT and DeFi we lived in their project.

Ethereum (ETH) increased interest from competitors may also be associated with increased gas fees. Faster and cheaper make them perfect.

Periodically, the fact that the markets open seasons in sub-categories also provides investors with short-term earning opportunities. The only problem is to invest in them by noticing the categories that will experience hype at an early stage. Game tokens and Ethereum (ETH) it looks like its competitors will break volume records for a while yet. The goal of $250 was predicted to come in the short term, especially when Solana (LEFT) exceeded $100. This forecast turned out to be unfair investors have made gains of over 100% in a few weeks. If we go back a few months ago, we found a buyer who was trying to find a buyer for $22 Solana (LEFT) we see.

Good News For Bitcoin (BTC) Investors

Some categories Bitcoin (BTCalthough it performed better than ), investors don’t have to worry. Made last night THE FED the price remained quite strong in the face of the announcement. Minute losses were quickly recouped, and Bitcoin again withstood the $ 63,000 limit.

Quantum Economics analyst Jason Deane assesses the current situation and says:

“It is important that Bitcoin consolidates in a december range just below the all-time high, creating a strong support for the next upward movement. The longer it stays in this region, the more confidence the market will have in the support zone”.

Stock Markets Bitcoin judging by the amount, investors don’t seem very pro-sales. According to the bottom of the last 3 years, reserves and the current attitude of miners also strengthen bullish expectations.

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