Ethereum (ETH) Current Reviews, Litecoin (LTC) and EOS Coin Analysis


The overall recovery seen in the crypto currency market is the most Bitcoin (BTC) it has influenced and continues to count altcoins relatively in their places. The second largest cryptocurrency by total market capitalization Ethereum (ETH), in this context, is seen as one of the horizontal navigators.

Current Ethereum Reviews

Ethereum it has risen by only 4% in the last 24 hours. While Bitcoin has gained 14% in a short time, the rise of ETH price of only 4% indicates that altcoins have not yet been fully affected by the rise of BTC. ETH/USD the $ 2,600 resistance, which is critical for parity, has not yet been overcome, and it can be seen that the volume of Ethereum remains insufficient in this regard.

Ethereum is currently trying to break the wedge formation it is in, and breaking it could push the price to the 2.900 dollar level in a short time. ETH, which is not in a very good technical condition, is in a very good basic condition when it comes to the fact that 25% of the amount in circulation is locked in smart contracts. Ethereum’s EIP-1559 update, which will be held in July, may also have a very positive impact on the price.

Litecoin Joins Bitcoin’s Rise

The 11th largest by total market capitalization. Litecoin (LTC), the crypto currency, was positively affected by this rise. LTC has gained 11% in the last 2 days and is back at 11%. he reached the queue. LTC, which has a total market value of $ 12 billion, is currently trading at $ 180.

For Litecoin, the critical resistance in the continuation of this 200 dollar comes to the fore. If the LTC/USDT pair can break the 200 dollar, it seems that the continued resistances are the 220 dollar, the 245 dollar and the 270 dollar. If the market loses its momentum, the critical support for LTC will be $ 160.

EOS Technical Analysis

EOS is seen as one of the altcoins that cannot participate in the rise of Bitcoin. EOS, which has risen by 5% in the last 24 hours, is 25. it ranks next and is traded at a price of $ 5.29. Block.EOS, which has been adversely affected by the problems experienced by one and the departure of its CTO, has still not caught up with momentum.

The current resistance for EOS, which recently rose above the 10 dollar level, can be expressed as 6,50 dollar. If EOS loses support for the 5 dollar, it is expected that the price will be pulled to the 4.5 dollar point. The fact that the volume of EOS has fallen to the lowest levels in the last 1 month shows that the situation is even worse than thought.

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