Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB) Debut Price! He Made His Investor Rich!


What has become the largest altcoin of the crypto currency ecosystem today Ethereum (ETH) of course, he did not see these levels at once. So have you been wondering about the initial price of Ethereum? When you find out the exit price and the date, you will see how much of a serious investment opportunity you have missed compared to today’s price. Ethereumwe begin the journey of from scratch to the present.

Ethereum Debut Price

The ICO, that is, the IPO method, was extremely popular in 2014. Many altcoin with this method, he collected investments and spent a serious amount of his supply on this work. Ethereum the initial sales process began in the summer of 2014. The ICO, which started on July 1, lasted only 1 month and amounted to 50 million units Ethereum (ETH) it was sold.

Ethereum, which is given much cheaper than fan tokens that are pre-sold today, has been valued thousands of times today. The pre-sale price was set at $0.311, and $15.5 million was raised with this sale. This money was spent on the development of the project.

The current price is 3500 dollars Ethereum it has been valued roughly 10500 times in just 7 years. In other words, $100 of the early-stage investors who made purchases with ICO was $1,050,000. Because the pre-sale made a lot of noise, people interested in crypto currencies showed great interest in Ethereum. Those who missed the ICO process received Ethereum from crypto exchanges with figures such as 1 dollar. Even some Turkish investors have been able to buy at these prices.

For the next 2 years ETH the price went around the 10 dollar levels, so those who missed the ICO opportunity were actually offered many new opportunities. Even in March 2020, the market also gave a serious investment opportunity, 1 ETH fell to the exact 114 dollar levels.

Binance Coin Initial Price

Another altcoin that made its early investor rich was Binance Coin (BNB). Currently, it is the largest stock exchange in the world in terms of volume Binance extracted by BNB it was sold at very low prices. Bitcoin or Ethereum available from July 25, 2017 Binance Coin (BNB) you could take it.

The Initial Check-out Price is $ 0.10 Binance Coin (BNB) He was unable to hold on to the $10 permanently until February 2019. It even offered a similar buying opportunity to Ethereum in March 2020, at that time it had fallen as low as $10.

This year, the price of BNB, which made ATH at the level of 676 dollars, made 6760 times more money for users who made purchases during the first sales period. From the initial price of 100 dollars BinanceThe Coin (BNB) the money of the investors who received it was $676,000. So, in the future, will we remember these days for Ethereum, BNB or different crypto currencies and say oh I wish?

Of course, we cannot know this, because it has happened a lot that the opposite has happened, many crypto currencies have evaporated all the capital of their investor by resetting their price.

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