Emre Aydin’s First Song in NFT Format is on Sale!


NFTs are involved in every aspect of our lives step by step. Non-fungible token although the stream started with visual works, now the songs are also presented as NFT. at this point, we see that the last step came from the popular singer Emre Aydin.

Emre Aydin’s First NFT Song

Emre Aydın shared with the public that his first song in NFT format was on the air with a statement he made on Twitter today. Emre Aydin has long had an interest in cryptocurrencies and recently NFTwe know that you are headed for the .

The popular artist made statements on the subject, “I wrote it in Istanbul and recorded it with mats Valentin in Stockholm. I took the cover photo in front of the studio with a leica m9. The handwriting on the cover is also my handwriting. It’s a single copy. Why, because it was not.” he used his words.

The Song is on Sale at OpenSea

Emre Aydin’s song, which he released as NFT, is currently an NFT marketplace OpenSeait is also on sale. Interested parties can both listen to the song through OpenSea and bid to become the owner of this NFT song.

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