Earn Easy Money with NFT and Metaverse! Do You Want to Earn 1000 Dollars While Having Fun?


Crypto coins were concentrated on ICO, token and coin assets in 2017-2018. Thousands of people who bought the newly released tokens and kept them in their wallets with the dream of 1000x made losses, some of them sold little earnings, and a much smaller part sold them with earnings of up to 1000x in the bull in 2021. But the ecosystem continues to develop. You can do more than buy tokens, coins and wait.

Making Easy Money with NFT and Metaverse

in 2013, there were very few people who said that Bitcoin was a good investment tool. Especially in Turkey, CoinTurk the names behind his brand were also included in this group. Years have passed, and in 2021, everyone regretted the Bitcoins that they had not received in the past. Admittedly, taking Bitcoin from $90 and keeping it up to $69,000 requires a great foresight ability.

So what are these people doing now? As far as we follow from social media and read from blogs, he continues to invest. Moreover, while many of us have not yet met the concept of NFT, these people NFT, which was investing in metaverse projects. The owners of million-dollar collections were foresighted people who adopted crypto coins at an early stage.

whatever the Bitcoin of 2013 was, this is also today’s NFT and Metaverse entries. However, one should not forget that. between 2013 and 2022, numerous crypto money initiatives have been decimated in history. Bitcoin, Ethereum as few projects have come up to date. Of course, this will also happen in the NFT and Metaverse ecosystem, and even is happening. As some of them disappear, the most valuable ones will reach the price they deserve.

The Metaverse land plots, OVR through it you will reach more advanced points than receiving parcels on the map. In the near future, we will witness how Bitcoin versions of 2013 are valued in the Metaverse. So how easy is this job? in 2013, someone who bought Bitcoin had hundreds of opportunities to sell it with a profit or loss. the Bitcoins he bought from $100 were sometimes valued at 80%, sometimes they lost 80% of their value. Those who could not control their emotions jumped off the ship one by one, and today there are few people who keep their Bitcoins, which they received in 2013. They deserve respect for their foresight.

Do You Want to Earn 1000 Dollars While Having Fun?

NFT and the metaverse their investment should be not only with the motivation to earn money. So when making your NFT purchases, you should act with a ”collector” logic. The pieces you receive should both entertain you and save you money. If you follow this logic, you will not regret buying Bitcoin in 2013 and selling it with a 100% profit in 2015. Every day it happens that each of your bitcoins exceeds 200-300 thousand dollars, and your hand still does not go on sale.

Those who do this by having fun NFT in addition to its collections, it also has some important october revenue channels. To date, 3 separate airdrops have been organized targeting OpenSea users. If it is the last of them LooksRare (LOOKS), which was done by.

The platform distributed tokens according to the volume created by users through OpenSea. You can see the distribution details in the table below.

If a user who makes small purchases/sales december his own country has created a volume in the range of 10/20 ETH 400 LOOKS took. The 400 LOOKS issued today have a value of $1,940. Users who were less active received 200, 125 LOOKS. Even the most basic user had $606 coming from the air. LOOKS exceeded $4.85 today. It was listed by FTX and some well-known exchanges in a short time. It has reached both a serious user base and has become its holder in the targeted user segment.

People have been for days LOOKSif he is talking about the project, then the project has paid off more than enough of the money it has given. But NFT and The Metaverse focused investments are much more than making money. Those whose motivation is only to make money will leave the game when their portfolio is valued several times. But ten years later, the millionaires of that day will most likely be the ones who invested in it long-term, seeing the Bitcoin and Ethereum of this industry.

you will understand this better when we reach the date of January 13, 2032.

Disclaimer Of Liability: The information contained in this article absolutely does not contain investment advice. Investors should be aware that crypto currencies carry high volatility and therefore risk, and they should conduct their transactions in accordance with their own research.
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