Don’t Get Scammed With Fake Tokens! Fake Projects Continue to Defraud Investors!


Dollars, lira, all kinds of money can be counterfeited. Such a situation cannot be experienced in crypto currencies thanks to its advanced technology. But there is also no way to block fake projects. To date, countless investors have been redirected to fake front request pages of projects that they expect to pre-sell. These pages, which claim to provide an early purchase opportunity for the project to be sold, mostly mimic the official site of the project.

Beware of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Scammers

ENS token will start distributing soon. However, fraudsters acted quickly and began selling counterfeit tokens through fake pages. The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is an initiative of Ethereum enthusiasts that has received a lot of attention. We can think of it as a decentralized domain registrar that allows Ethereum addresses to be used as domain names.

Yesterday I received a new DAO the transition to the model is focused. But the token distribution has not started. Ethereum (ETH) according to the warning shared by developer Jeff Lau, scammers have already started collecting requests. I Ethereu Name Service‘s your Toke ANS although it has not yet been released to the market, its imitations are attracting great attention. Jeff says that all liquidity pools with counterfeit tokens are scams.

When is the ENS Token Distribution?

Lau, ANShe announced that the will be released within a week and will be distributed according to the snapshot taken on October 31, 2021. Accordingly, there is currently nothing you can do to get an ENS Token.

Ethereum (ETH) facilitating the work of its users ANS (I Ethereu Name Service) it turns wallets into internet addresses one at a time. For example, name your wallet by saying eth. The sender can easily access your wallet information, and ultimately you don’t need to keep dozens of characters in mind. In the early days of the Internet, people could access sites with IP addresses. After that, the domain concept was created and easier access became available. If we were still accessing internet sites with IP addresses that look like a phone number, our job could be seriously difficult.

This fraud model has recently been applied to Ardana as well. Many fake websites have collected money from investors by claiming to be pre-selling. Always follow the announcements from the verified social media profiles or website of the projects in order not to become a victim of scammers. Fake telegram groups are also being created, as well as fake Internet sites, and yes, you also need to pay attention to this.

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