Do You Want to Open an Art Gallery? Cyber is Giving Life to Digital Art!


Non-fungible tokens (NFT), metaverse, Web 3.0 … In the world we are in, we are learning new things about technology every day and we are starting to adapt to the rapidly developing technology. Actually, it’s early Bitcoin and crypto currency those who meet their units can keep up with and adapt to these currents much more easily. Because the Blockchain is actually at the heart of all the developments we are experiencing.

NFTWith the introduction of the ’s and the metaverse into our lives step by step, it has become impossible to step into unfamiliar worlds with virtual glasses or on the screen, go to concerts, hold meetings and now visit art galleries with virtual glasses. Imagine, you open the doors of an art gallery with your VR glasses, you examine the digital works in the gallery and you can buy the work you like… It’s not a dream anymore, let’s examine it…

Cyber Gives Life to Digital Art

Cyber offers a platform where users can display their NFTs in their own art galleries, other users can visit these art galleries and buy works they like. So, with Cyber, we can achieve what we dreamed of above.

Cyber in fact, with its ease of use and simple interface, it also makes the opportunity to create a digital art gallery accessible to everyone. To create a digital art gallery in Cyberspace, simply connect your MetaMask wallet to the platform. Then, your NFTs that you purchased on NFT platforms such as OpenSea or Rare start to appear on the Cyber platform. You can also invite both visitors and potential buyers to your gallery by sharing the link to your digital art gallery.

In addition, Cyber also works in October with important artists in the field of NFT to provide unique experiences to its users. In addition, with Cyber, users can design art galleries as they want. And this adds originality to the gallery.

On the other hand, Cyber also includes areas where you can navigate galleries or see NFT products directly on the page. This place directs you to the sunday place where the NFT is held so that you can buy the NFT you like.

In addition to all these Cyber on the main page, users 24 hours the trend of art galleries, art galleries recently opened, the popular art galleries, art galleries and more directly from the owner’s many different areas of NFT can see.

Experience The Art Gallery With VR Glasses

If you have virtual glasses, you can also browse the galleries in Cyber with your VR glasses. Levent Kurt, COINTURK’s Editor-in-Chief, also has a digital gallery in Cyberspace, and you can also wear your VR glasses and visit this gallery.

The integration of VR glasses into the metaverse space is already an expected development. But it is exciting that one of the pioneers of this is the art sector. In fact, digital artworks are also leading the NFT sector and we are already witnessing exciting developments in this field. Perhaps Cyber will offer us the opportunity to organize digital art gallery openings in the future, to meet new art lovers in art galleries, and even to chat with the owner of the art gallery… This world has endless options, and we are still at the very beginning.

If you want to equip the walls of an art gallery that you have designed yourself with NFTs that you have created or own, you can visit Cyber’s website.

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