Discord Has Shelved Its NFT Plans!

With his recent statements on Discord Ethereum based NFT he has publicly announced that he is canceling his integration plans. These versions of Discord received a great reaction from the community, and many people expressed that they would cancel their Nitro membership.

Discord’s NFT Plans

Earlier this week, the founder and CEO of Discord Jason Citron, tweeted a screenshot of the app’s user settings page. This share had an ETH logo with the option to link digital wallets such as MetaMask and Wallet Connect.

However, in a very short time, this situation has received great reactions from the community. A large part of the community asked Citron to abandon this decision due to some negative circumstances. Apparently, these reactions did not go unanswered.

It’s also in Discord’s subreddit on Reddit “Discord developers: Please do not support NFTS” a tagged topic has received more than seven thousand votes and thousands of comments. While trying to explain the NFT ecosystem, a user on Reddit made the following comment:

In short; you pay tues for outrageous art and release as much CO2 and energy as an entire American household uses in a day to a week. For the most outrageous works of art.

Plans Have Been Canceled

Although the reactions have been great, it is worth noting that Discord has long been used by crypto currency enthusiasts as a platform to create strong communities around various projects. This includes many NFT projects.

However, apparently Discord currently, he cares about feedback from the community, and for this reason, he prefers to shelve his NFT plans.