Description of the Fashion Show from JPMorgan! The Most Popular DeFi Tokens!


According to JPMorgan DeFi it is still at the very beginning of the road and has serious growth potential. Recent statements of the banking giant DeFi it shows that he appreciates their platform. Instead of centralized exchanges, investors in many parts of the world use DeFi platforms. Of course, China is the first of them, the bans in the country are dYdX like DeFi he contributed to the rapid growth of his projects.

JPMorgan and DeFi

The banking giant JPMorgan in its latest research note, it says that the decentralized financial sector has serious growth potential. Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, chief analyst, said that the sector is still at the very beginning of the road.

DeFithere is little doubt that the is still in its early stages and therefore has the potential to grow over time”.

However, Panigirtzoglou, DeFihe points out that the need to overcome regulatory barriers. He also says that the growth of the industry, while impressive, tends to be exaggerated. DeFi Pulseaccording to the, the amount of value locked in various protocols has increased from about $ 13 billion a year ago to $ 111 billion. According to the report Ethereum, It accounts for 70% of the DeFi sunday.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, recently Bitcoinin order to argue that DEFI is the only investable asset, he drew attention to the risks faced by DEFI. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissioner Caroline Crenshaw, which she claims lacks transparency DeFi he stressed the need to create a solid regulatory framework for At the same time, it is known that the SEC has begun investigating Uniswap, the industry’s leading brand.

The Most Popular DeFi Tokens

The total size of the sunday exceeded $ 181 billion. The daily trading volume is measured at 15.6 billion dollars. CoinMarketCap there are close to 500 listed in their system DeFi there are many projects, and some of them are quite popular.

DeFi below you see the 10 largest players of its ecosystem.

At the beginning of projects that allow clearing transactions UniSwap He’s coming. It ranks 16th in the market with a total market capitalization of $ 15.3 billion. PancakeSwap it has a market value of $4.3 billion and has a local token THE CAKE it is among the dec0 most valuable crypto currencies. dYdX, which is much preferred by Chinese investors because it resembles centralized exchanges, declined in the ranking with a price of $ 14.3. For now, it ranks 123rd with a market capitalization of $ 806 million.

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