Cuy Sheffield, Visa’s Crypto President, Touched on the Contribution of NFTs to Adoption Rates


Cuy Sheffield, Visa’s Crypto President, NFT he noted that thanks to his world, people who are interested in art, music and culture are involved in the cryptocurrency industry. The NFT sector is attracting the attention of many international companies as it continues to grow day by day.

Visa’s Crypto Chief Conveys His Views On NFTs

Cuy Sheffield, a senior official at Visa, a multinational financial services company, NFThe said that the crypto currency market has opened its doors to people interested in music, art, culture and sports. However, Sheffield noted that meme coins such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have attracted the attention of communities, increasing the adoption rate.

Cuy Sheffield, Visa’s senior executive and head of the company’s crypto department, at a recent panel at the Singapore Fintech Festival, NFThe reported that the ‘s attracted new participants in the crypto currency wagon. Cuy Sheffield expressed his views on the NFTs, noting that:

Crypto is becoming cultural and even cool. If you used to invest in crypto currencies, you would look a little strange.

In addition, Coinhako co-founder Yusho Liu’s claim originated from a different perspective. Liu, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inuhe noted that meme coins, pioneered by , have significantly increased adoption rates. Kevin Lim, director of Singapore’s investment company Temasek, suggested that the huge demand for meme coins is mainly due to the desire of people to make money by speculation.

The NFT Sector Is Growing Day by Day

Returning to the topic of NFT, this year many famous musicians, players and sports clubs have joined the NFT craze by releasing their digital collections. 15-time Grammy winner Eminem released his single Shady Con NFT it partnered with Nifty Gateway to release it in its form.

However, the famous director Quentin Tarantino is preparing to release uncut scenes of the legendary cult production Pulp Fiction as an NFT collection. While there are hundreds of examples of this and so on, the NFT sector continues to grow every day.

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