Crypto Whales Are Accumulating This Coin! It is Worthwhile to Follow It!


According to a Twitter post shared by on-chain analytics data provider Santiment, major crypto investors received a large amount of “weak hands” last week Chainlink (LINK) took. Thus, large investors added 3.4% of the total LINK supply to their wallets.

Whales Are Accumulating LINKS

Santiment says that investors who adopt a short-term investment strategy start selling LINK assets after the market falls, thereby turning into investors who are called “weak hands”. After that, they have 1 million to 10 million in their wallets LINKED it is stated that the crypto money whales that store receive these links that are counted.

According to the statements made, the whales bought 62.02 million LINKS, which can be considered a fairly large amount during the last decline. This represents 3.4% of the total Chainlink supply and $ 1.45 billion as a traditional currency.

Whales and LINK Investment

Dec August, Santiment had expressed that they did not want to hold their LINKS for long as they continued to redistribute the whales’ supplies among smaller investors.

However, Chainlink Cardano his recent partnership with seems to have changed that feeling. Currently, whales are accumulating LINKS.

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