Coinbase 3. Announcing the Quarter Earnings Report: Ethereum and Bitcoin Contention Attracted Attention


Coinbase; Bitcoin and 3 of the year 2021, when some trading pairs, including Ethereum, announced the volume of transactions. it announced its quarterly earnings report. According to the report Ethereum once again, it took the first place in the transaction volume figures, surpassing Bitcoin.

Key Metrics

In the report section called Key metrics, companies show their percentages of transaction volume. in the third quarter of 2021, Ethereum received 22% of the total transaction volume on the platform Bitcoin he remained in second place with 19%. However, 59% of the overall transaction volume was received by other crypto assets.

Coinbasequarterly performance of the volume of individual purchases and sales in the third quarter amounted to 93 billion dollars, which is a decrease of 36% compared to the figures for the second quarter. According to the data recorded in the report, it was related to the overall volume decline in both derivatives and spot markets. The individual accounted for 28% of the total transaction volume.

Coinbase cited falling volatility in the market as the main reason for the decline in transaction volume. Volatility plays an important role in fund distributions when individual investors are mostly trying to make short-term profits. In addition, 42% of all funds are still on the platform Bitcoinit is also found in ‘ But the impressive reason behind this is that most trading pairs are tied to BTC and cannot be bought and sold without it.

The Price of Bitcoin and Ethereum

The leading crypto currency Bitcoin it reached an all-time high of $ 68,530 1 day ago. The flagship, which has set a peak, continues its ATH development initiatives while maintaining its course above $ 66,000. The largest altcoin Ethereum, on the other hand, managed to reach an all-time high by touching the 4.837 dollar following the leader.

Along with the fact that the leading and largest altcoin added a green outlook to the market, significant jumps were seen in the prominent altcoins. Yesilmaz In particular, the metaverse and NFT bitcoin-based coins have made it a habit to catch up with rising trends exceeding one hundred percent while retaining hype during this period.

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