Clark Explained: With the Altcoin Rally, These 6 Crypto Currencies May Experience a Boom


The cryptocurrency market there is a real altcoin season going on and dozens of altcoins have managed to break the all-time record. Despite this, there are still many altcoins that have not yet achieved serious growth, and the famous analyst Cantering Clark has announced some of them.

Altcoins That Have Entered Clark’s Radar

The analyst shared 46.000 altcoins that he expects to explode in his statement to his 6 followers. It will not be surprising that among these altcoins there are mostly DeCi-oriented crypto currencies. Clark noted that the AAVE price, which recently achieved a 150% increase and rose to $ 395, did not fully satisfy his bullish expectations.

AAVE Clark stressed that his price will go up to $ 475 from here, and at the end of the rally, he thinks that the price will be $ 1,000. The other crypto currency that managed to enter Clark’s list after AAVE is considered to be the backbone of the DeFi sector.

The Most Important of the DeFi Sector: LINK

Clark thinks that the oracle platform Chainlink is stuck at the $ 30 level, but it will break the resistance here and go to the new record. Clark, who stated that LINK is ready to explode, did not share a price target. Despite this, the chart he shares shows that the goal is $ 50 and above.

Another cryptocurrency that Cantering Clark draws attention to is Binance Coin (BNB) and the FTX crypto currency exchange associated with the US has its own crypto currency YEAR Token (FTT) It has happened. Both crypto currencies are continuing their rise before Coinbase’s IPO on April 14.

Solana Is Growing Together With FTX

Clark is connected with the FTX exchange in october to these two cryptocurrencies Solana (LEFT) it is also waiting for an explosion in its price. Clark, who stated that the SOL price may eventually enter the top 10 with the explosion it will experience, also thinks that the fashion show sector will continue to grow.

Another altcoin that has entered the purse of an experienced crypto currency analyst is Polkadot (DOT) It has happened. Stating that the DOT price has broken the 42 dollar resistance once and that it will continue to do so, the analyst also stated that he does not expect the altcoin rally in the crypto currency markets to stagnate yet.

In fact, the XRP price has increased to $1, the BNB has seen $ 400, and The price of Ethereum Looking at the developments such as reaching the 2.000 dollar, it can be said that the altcoin rally is continuing at the latest pace. While Bitcoin’s market dominance continues to decline, this rise experienced by altcoins also seems quite reasonable.

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