Citadel CEO Ken Griffin Made Important Statements About Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC)


Citadel CEO Ken Griffin made important statements about the cryptocurrency space. Views Ethereum the successful name who opened the bracket answered the questions of Andrew Ross Sorkin of The New York Times DealBook.

Ethereum and Bitcoin Reviews of the Billionaire Entrepreneur

American billionaire Ken Griffin, Ethereum and Bitcoinhe made comments comparing the . Griffin believes that the second most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum will replace Bitcoin. Dec processing jul per second, clean energy and low transaction fees are among the most important factors. This situation is being addressed Ethereum he does not occupy a strong position in the list of candidates due to high network fees, dirty energy and slow processing speed.

But ETH 2.0 solving the network’s scalability problems and, most importantly, raising transaction fees to an acceptable level will represent an important milestone in Ethereum. These are expected to take shape over the next few years. As well as Griffin, USA central bank digital currencybelieving that the is contrary to the crypto sphere, he noted:

I think we are all still trying to figure out whether we want to enter the world of decentralized finance, a low-cost and effective payment system. We will see in the coming periods whether the crypto community will find answers to these questions or whether they will be solved with a digital dollar.

Digital Dollars

The shortcoming in the stated argument is that the digital dollar is currently DeFiwhat is also available is that it cannot get close to the returns. In the event that inflation also decreases the value of the digital dollar over time, crypto assets with limited supply, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, will serve as a safe haven. In addition to any october CBDC it will be monitored and controlled by the state. This is, in a way, the antithesis of krypton.

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