Celsius Is Badly Damaged! He was Affected by the BadgerDAO Attack!


Sources claim that the Celsius Network has been seriously affected by the recent abuse. Crypto currency lending platform Celsius, decentralized finance (DeFi) the protocol suffered $50 million in damages in the abuse of BADGERDAO. Do we know the risks posed by endless fashion show hacks?

BadgerDAO Hack Attack and Celsius

The Attackers Ethereum it has raised $120 million in unverified assets by targeting the protocol on its network. One Reddit according to its user, the biggest victim of the attack was an address that lost 896 Wrapped Bitcoins. Your address is “because it interacts with other addresses that are known to have” Celsiusit was supposed to belong to the.

The address was regularly trading with an address with a balance of $ 67 million, of which $ 40 million Celsiusthe local token of CEL‘dir. They are on Etherscan because they share several important transactions Celsius Network Wallet 5 it is also claimed that the address belongs to Celsius, as it relates to at least one address labeled as.

The user who came up with the claim said the following.

“All this is the address of the loser of 900 BTC Celsiusit means that there is a high probability that it belongs to ‘ Celsius has not confirmed anything yet, so for now this is all speculation, so Celsiuswe are not sure if the ”is affected”.

BadgerDAOthe first reports of a security breach of the came when the protocol announced that it had received a request to withdraw multiple unauthorized user funds on Wednesday. Badger his team continued to investigate the problem and paused all smart contracts in the protocol to prevent further losses.

The Celsius Network allows users to Bitcoin (BTC) is a large crypto lending platform that allows them to earn interest by holding digital assets such as. The company, which has recently reached a valuation of $ 3.5 billion with investments it has received DeFi he became one of the greatest players in his field.

21:36 Update: The company has officially confirmed that it has been affected by the attack.

DeFi and Hack Risk

CREAM, BadgerDAO and dozens more have been attacked in large numbers, large and small, within months. Billions of dollars worth of crypto assets fell into the hands of attackers. Some of them were returned to the funds due to the Whitehat attack, but the losses are still large. DeFi he tried to cover the losses of his customers by printing more tokens for their projects or selling the assets they had allocated to the project, but he can hardly say that they were all successful.

DeFi tokens open up the appetite of investors due to the rapid rises they have experienced. But do investors really know what kind of risk they are facing? One DeFi before investing in a token, it is important to study the security tests that the protocol has passed. However, you should choose the protocols that you trust the most to get a stake service. Even if you don’t use the platform, you may also be affected by the rapid depreciation of the tokens you receive from the attack suffered by the system. For this purpose, you should always secure your investments in safe stop zones and carefully sift and weave the projects you will invest in frequently.

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