Cardano Has Started Recording Depreciation With the Announcement that ETORO will Delist ADA!


ETORO’s cryptocurrency trading platform is for US users Cardano (ISLAND) and it was announced that it will also delist Tron (TRX), but users will be able to maintain their current positions, not just open new transactions.

eToro Announces that ADA and TRX Will Also be Included

It has been reported that the cryptocurrency trading platform ETORO, Cardano and Tron will also compete for US users due to regulatory concerns. In a statement made by eToro, US users will be able to NAME and TRX October January 15, 2022, it was stated that they will not be able to open positions and in addition, they will not be able to receive stake awards as of January 15, 2022.

In a statement, it was stated that US users can maintain existing positions in ETORO, users can sell their ADA and TRX assets at any time, and they can only open new transactions.

Charles Hoskinson Made The Announcement

The founder of Cardano, the American mathematician Charles Hoskinson, made a statement on the topic with a share on his Youtube channel. Hoskinson stated that ADA is one of the most liquid crypto assets in the crypto currency market, stating that ETORO does not have a large transaction volume. The founder of Cardano also noted that some people who do not know about the issue in the media spread fear and anxiety to the market, and NAMEhe claimed that they are aimed at influencing the price performance of .

The ISLAND Is In Decline

The ADA, the crypto currency of the Cardano blockchain, has lost some value, starting to record downward price movements along with the delist news. ADA, which was traded at the price levels of 1.78 dollars, fell below the price levels of 1.70 dollars with the downward price movements it recorded.

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