Cardano (ADA) Price Analysis! (Critical Levels)


Cardano (ADA) has started trading at $2.10 price levels, recording a rise of about 6% this week. Cardano’s current support levels are seen as 2 dollars, 1.88 dollars and 1.80 dollars, respectively, and when looking at the resistance levels, they are seen as 2.60 dollars, 2.70 dollars and 2.80 dollars.

At ADA/USD Parity, $ 2 Is Protected

ADA has found self-support at $2 levels in the last week. Also during the week, this triggered an uptick in the level of support. This upward price movement initiated by ADA was reversed, albeit for a short time, by the reaction it received from the 2.50 dollar resistance. This reaction it receives from the resistance level, NAMEit caused the ‘s to fall back to $2 price levels again.

It was very important for Cardano investors that ADA maintained its support at the level of $ 2 for the week so as not to record higher rate declines. If the market starts to move upwards, then most likely the critical point for investors here will be that ADA will break the resistance of the 2.50 dollar.

ADA/USD Short-Term Outlook

Looking at the short-term outlook, the first resistance appears to be $2.20 and the first support appears to be $1.88. Although these support and resistance levels are not very strong for major price movements in the coming times due to the fact that the market cannot set a clear trend at the moment, on volatile charts in short periods of time, these levels are already NAME it plays a critical role for.

The information contained in this article absolutely does not contain investment advice. Investors should know that they are carrying risks due to the high volatility of crypto currencies and should conduct their transactions in accordance with their own research.

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