Both a Metaverse, An NFT, And a Play To Earn Project: What Is The Sandbox?


If you are following the crypto currency and Blockchain ecosystem soon, the terms you have heard the most often lately should be metaverse, NFT (non-fungible token) and play-to-earn. The Metaverse can be described as a universe in which everything you can imagine is contained. Of course, in the digital space… NFTs are unique assets. Play-to-earn, on the other hand, is used to define platforms where you can earn income while playing games.

Currently, some projects offer these three to their users together. In other words, the platform is designed as a metaverse, and you can create, buy and sell NFTs in this metaverse, and you can earn money on the one hand while playing games. One of these platforms is The Sandbox… In this article I will talk about what The Sandbox project is, its goals, team, future plans and how it is used.

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox can be defined in the simplest way as a metaverse where users can create game experiences, that is, design games, play designed games, and earn money from it. At this point, you can ask: Ilayda, well, well, I don’t know the software, I don’t know the coding. How can I create a game?

The Sandbox’s one of the most beautiful things. You can design and produce NFT as well as design games with the tools offered by the platform without knowing any coding or software. Of course, at this point, you also need to make your imagination talk, and you can imagine that The Sandbox does not offer help in this regard…

The Sandboc offers its users a software called VoxEdit for creating NFTS and a software called Game Maker for creating games. In addition, for people who don’t know how to take the first step, how to design a game, or how to create an NFT, The Sandbox offers a very wide guide.

VoxEdit and Game Maker

As I mentioned above VoxEdit with it, you can create NFTs that will become NFTs in the future and will be available for sale on The Sandbox Marketplace. To do this, you need to download and install VOXEDIT on your computer. After downloading VOXEDIT, you can install the program on your computer with the standard installation. A detailed description of the usage of VoxEdit is available on The SANDBOX’s website. If I want to tell it here, it could take pages.

Game Maker a software where you can design your own game. With this software, anyone can create games by pushing the boundaries of their imagination and take part in The Sandbox metaverse with their game. If other users like your game and start playing, you can also earn income here. As with VOXEDIT, detailed instructions and videos are available on the website about using Game Maker.

So, how to use The Sandbox platform?

How to Use The Sandbox?

In order to use The Sandbox, you must first create an account. For this, you also need to have a crypto currency wallet. The platform has listed the three commonly used crypto currency wallets in the Sandbox as Metamask, Bitski and Venly. I will talk about creating an account with Metamask in this article.

If you don’t have a Metamask wallet, first of all Metamask you need to do its installation, set your password and store your keywords. If you are installing Metamask for the first time, the wallet application will give you a key consisting of 12 words. Remember this absolutely and do not share it with anyone. Because if you forget it, you will never be able to access the wallet again when you have a problem with your password, and if you share it with someone, your security will be compromised because that person will have access to your wallet.

After creating a Metamask wallet, you connect your wallet to the platform by clicking on the Sign In button located in the upper right corner on The main page of The Sandbox, and then selecting Metamask.

After connecting the wallet, you are asked to enter your e-mail information and user name on the screen that opens. After completing these steps, you are ready to explore the Sandbox. So, when you follow it step by step, actually using these platforms is not as difficult as it seems, and I can say from my own experience that even just navigating The Sandbox is very fun.

We have learned the features that the platform offers us and how to use it. So, what is the connection of this platform with crypto money?

The SAND Token

The Sandbox uses a crypto currency called SAND to be used on its platform, have a say in management, and perform transactions. SAND is an ERC-20-based cryptocurrency that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Featured in The Sandbox LANDyou need a SAND token to buy, sell, buy NFTs, i.e. ASSETS, or have a say in management.

In october, the supply of SAND is limited to 3,000,000,000 units. Therefore, it is also thought that SAND can be used as a value storage tool if the platform realizes its plans in the future and starts to be used by everyone. Looking at it even now SANDat the seed sale, the price was $ 0.0036. While I am preparing this article, we see that the price of SAND is $ 2.45.

SAND tokan is currently listed on many major exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, Bithumb and Kucoin. Therefore, you can buy SAND on the stock exchanges. In addition, SAND is also purchased through the website. October addition, you can earn SAND by playing the game as well as you can own SAND through swap.

In addition to all this, you can also have a SAND token with liquidity mining, that is, staking october You can passively earn SAND income by depositing SAND in UNISWAP’s staking pool.

Therefore, while a very large majority of games used to be played just for fun, you can now have fun playing games and earn money from games.

In addition, you can start playing games in the Sandbox metaverse for october. However, depending on the person who designed the game, you may also need to pay some SAND. In other words, if you are a game designer, you can offer your game to users for free or for a fee.

Lands and Assets in the Sandbox

You may have asked what LAND is when I mentioned it above. Now Sandbox metavers‘let’s look at the LANDS that we can define as the territory of fame, and again the ASSETS that we can define as assets in this ecosystem…

Lands are lands that are located in The Sandbox ecosystem and are in the NFT format. In sandbox metavers, users can purchase these plots to create gaming experiences. When you have a LAND, you can use this land to design games, as well as the NFTs you create, namely ASSETSyou can also use LAND for You can also buy several LAND plots that are next to each other and rent the land that will be formed, or use it to buy advertising.

According to The Sandbox’s statements, there are 16,464 LAND units on the platform. You can see the plots available in The Sandbox, the plots that are on sale, the land sizes and those that are on sale in OpenSea via MAP. In the MAP you can also see premium plots. These lands can be defined as lands that are more valuable than others, that is, in real life, a corner shop can be defined as lands that we can compare with lands close to important areas. Therefore, it is expected that premium lands will be more expensive in the future.

The Foundation

Having the funds for a project is very important in terms of trust in that project. The Sandbox is also one of the projects with the Foundation. So, what does The Foundation, which has a 12% share in the token economy, do for the Sandbox?

  • He runs the Game Makers Foundation and the Creators Foundation to support high-quality content production and games in The Sandbox.
  • it finances more than 17 gaming projects.
  • It funds 100 artists for the production of NFTs.
  • He supports community managers.
  • It sponsors various competitions organized to encourage players to use the platform.

The Sandbox’s Team and Roadmap

The fact that the project team is not anonymous is one of the factors that allows it to gain trust. The Sandbox project was founded by Sebastien Borget, who currently sits in the CEO’s chair, Arthur Madrive is the chief operating officer. The team of the project consists of professionals scattered around the world.

Among The Sandox’s investors are well-known names such as Matic, Opera, Atari, CryptoKitties, Animoca Brands, OpenSea and Axie Infinity. The Sandox’s investors include Matic, Opera, Atari, CryptoKitties, Animoca Brands, OpenSea and Axie Infinity. dec.

In October, if we are going to use a platform and invest in a SAND token, the road map of the project, that is, the road map, is also of great importance. In the first quarter of 2022, The Sandbox plans to gradually open the metaverse to landowners building high-quality experiences. in the second quarter of 2022, it is planned to launch DAO with stake and voting mechanisms for SAND, LAND and AVATAR owners. The Sandbox aims to offer the mobile version to its users in the last quarter of 2022.

As all of this suggests, the Sandbox metaverse aims to be one of the doors that opens, and it is already making great efforts in line with this goal. If they can also achieve what they plan, The Sandbox could be one of the pioneers of this ecosystem in the future.

You can use this link to become a member of The Sandbox and explore this new world.

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