Blockchain Gaming Companies Are Resisting the Steam Ban!


The crypto gaming community thinks that Valve made a wrong decision by banning blockchain-based games from Steam. A consortium of blockchain companies, NFT gaming firms and the non-profit Fight for the Future is calling on Valve to reverse the blockchain ban in an open letter released on Tuesday.

The Bans Had Started Quietly

Despite the fact that blockchain-oriented games are still very early on the road, they have reached millions of users daily. The games create their own ecosystems, and gamers adore this detail. Players who spend time having fun using crypto money or NFT is winning.

Valve, Steamit also added blockchain-based games to its list of content that should not be published earlier this month. NFT and crypto currency who thinks that focused applications should not be in the store Valve he had suffered a serious reaction with this step. Finally, today, through a consortium, the appeal was expressed more loudly.

Epic Games de had initially announced that they would support these bans on their platform. Epic Games, which later backed down, announced that it was embracing blockchain-based games as long as it “complies with the relevant laws, explains its terms and serves the appropriate age group.”

Why Is Steam Banning It?

Such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Valve a huge number of games, including popular ones, have created their own economies. But the company blockchain he considers it risky for games based on it to be more economy-oriented. Crypto currency he does not want the notorious scams in his ecosystem to peak with games published in the store and be held accountable.

But the world is moving in a completely different direction. People are getting more different reflexes about digital ownership. It is a wonderful phenomenon to be able to register property in the digital world, even if it is a game. Online PVP players who have spent billions on games have grown, and now more and more players are taking positions in favor of the economy of entertainment.

An open letter published today Valve he calls the authorities to the roots and asks them to reconsider the decision on the ban. However, there is a fact that blockchain a complete regulatory framework of games based on Steam it will not be possible to be published via it. All marketplaces in the world operate according to certain laws, are subjected to certain inspections. But the economy created by blockchain-based games is completely exempt from this, it is exempt for now because it is very new, and therefore it is prohibited.

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