Bitcoin (BTC), Stellar (XLM) and Litecoin (LTC) Price Analysis – June 6, 2021


The crypto currency market experienced another weekend nightmare, and the loaded sales that came in during the minutes when there was little liquidity caused a general decline in the market. Despite this, Bitcoin continues to recover and is moving towards the 40.000 dollar level.

BTC/USD Technical Analysis

In order to understand the general situation of the crypto currency market, first of all Bitcoin (BTC) it is necessary to look at its price and the general movement of the price. Bitcoin has not experienced any change in trend for almost 7 days and is moving in the same december except for minor price movements.

BTC/USD it can be seen that the pair is currently stuck. considering the 4-hour december, the commercial volume continues to decrease continuously. Volatility is increasing while volume is decreasing, and for the price of BTC 37.780 the dollar is a critical resistance. It may be possible to raise over $40,000 again with the breaking of this. Important support for BTC is 32.300 it is viewed in dollars.

XLM/USD Technical Analysis

Stellar price has gained 1% in the last 24 hours. This 1% rise indicates that the hard decline and the red situation that has been experienced for two days are over. Although the price is relatively in place, it is in a very good position compared to the general course of the crypto currency sector.

the XLM price, which tested the resistance of the 0.45 dollar, but showed that this was a fake break, was again pulled back to the support of the 0.36 dollar. The bears are looking stronger now and the new support will be $0.36 if the $0.30 support goes below.

LTC/USD Technical Analysis

The LTC price has not moved like BTC for almost 7 days, and at the beginning of the week, anyway, it is at this level now.

The crypto currency, which is seen as digital silver, continues to weaken in terms of liquidity and suffer losses. The volume of sales is decreasing, which indicates that there is a potential for an increase in the medium term. the resistance of the 239 dollar is very critical and it may be possible to talk about the 300 dollar again.

The support that should not be lowered for LTC is known as 150 dollars.

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