Bitcoin (BTC) Predictions Based on Data from Past Years (2013,2017 and 2020)!


Crypto money markets are crying blood today. The overall value of the market suffered a loss exceeding 10%. Bitcoin has lost more than 9% in the last 24 hours. Although the price eased below $60,000 for a while, it gained critical support again. So what about the short and medium term Bitcoin what awaits its investors?

Data of Recent Years and Bitcoin (BTC)

Crypto currency analyst TechDev he recently made some encouraging shares. Bitcoinaccording to the movements made by the in recent years, the analyst who considers our day says that we may be on the verge of a strong rally. If you have not been included in the crypto currency markets this year, you should know that the data of past years give important ideas in the current chart.

First, let’s consider the graph below. The price drew a similar chart to today in late 2020. After the consolidated 20.000 dollar zone, it set the stage for a new peak reaching up to 64.000 dollars.

“For the last time in this cycle, BTC he tried to break the ATH (all-time high) on a weekly basis… Before a strong break in the upward direction, the Stoch consolidated below it for 3-4 weeks while the RSI peaked”.

Moreover, there’s more.

2013 and 2017 Bitcoin Charts

The analyst compared the data for 2013 and 2017 with the present to support his forecasts. As you can see in the graph below, we are still in the place where it is enclosed in a round. At least our anonymous analyst TechDev thinks like that.

Although it aims for a gigantic peak in the medium term, it also argues that the price may experience some corrections while consolidating in this region. If Bitcoin (BTC) if it cannot maintain $63,000 as strong support, it can relax to $54,000 and collect demand from here. Of course, this will give long-term investors the opportunity to buy, while it will put investors who have just entered the markets at a loss. Novice investors, unfortunately, have a bad habit of buying at the top and selling at the bottom.

PlanB the company was aiming for a peak of $98,000 for this month. It is about 14 days until the end of the month, but it seems that the market is not ready for such a rise yet. Maybe six digits Bitcoin price we had to wait for the first quarter of 2021.

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