Bitcoin and Altcoins Suddenly Turned Red: What is Happening on the Market?


Leader crypto currency Bitcoin, the unit of which started at noon, along with the downward price movements that 54.400 dollar price levels shot pins.

Bitcoin Has Gained Downward Momentum

It broke down the important support levels with the depreciation it recorded in November and fell below the 60.000 dollar price levels Bitcoin, which gained downward momentum around noon. The leading cryptocurrency approached the $53,000 price band, which is an important support level, along with the declines it recorded while trading at levels close to the $59,000 price band earlier in the day. Bitcoin, which has reached the price levels of 54.400 dollars, began trading at the price levels of 55.300 dollars.

Although the reason for the decline in Bitcoin is not yet fully known, various interpretations have been made on social media that the news of the new coronavirus variant is having an impact.

The Latest Situation in the Market

The depreciation of Bitcoin has caused almost all crypto assets, especially Ethereum, to record downward price movements. Which is the second largest crypto asset in terms of market capitalization Ethereum, it has declined from the 4.400 dollar price levels to the 4.095 dollar price levels and has significantly approached the critical 4.000 dollar support level.

Binance Coin with recorded value losses (BNB) to the price levels of $ 580, Solana (LEFT) to the price levels of 191 dollars, Cardano (NAME) to the price levels of $ 1.56, Ripple (XRP) to the price levels of $ 0.96, Polkadot (DOT) to $35 price levels, and Avalanche (AVAX), which declined to $109 price levels.

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