Binance has Announced its First Metaverse Project in Which It Has Invested! What Does Strategic Cooperation Include?


Binance Labs, Binance’s venture capital and innovation incubator, has announced a strategic investment in the metaverse-based platform MOBOX to take the gaming platform industry to the next level. MOBOX is a cross-platform game metaverse that combines DeFi farming and game NFTs that are automatically optimized to create a GameFi Metaverse.

What is MOBOX?

In the MOBOX metaverse, known as the MOMOverse, players can create content in any way or enjoy the platform with an existing character. The MOBOX team set out to create a unique ecosystem for developers, gamers and NFT collectors. Bill Chin, Head of the Binance Labs Fund, noted the following about the investment:

“MOBOX is a project for which we have high hopes. MOBOX, Binance cooperates organically with the entire ecosystem. Binance builds smart contracts on the Smart Chain, sells mystery boxes on the Binance NFT Marketplace, and markets the token through Launchpool. All of these are part of a strategic investment, but we hope to bring innovation to the gaming platform with MOBOX.”

Binance Labs’ investment in MOBOX covers many innovations and developments. MOMOverse and accelerating the development of MOMO Chain, completing the decentralized autonomous guild (DAG) created by players, introducing game builder and NFT builder tools, creating unique individual NFT many studies, such as expanding the mystery box strategy, will be continued with the support of Binance Labs.

The First Metaverse Project in the Binance Ecosystem

That being said MOBOX, established a fund with Binance NFT Marketplace cooperation in the METAfund decision committee to educate, provide assistance and advise developers on blockchain games. The fund will be used to help game developers to move their work to the blockchain and MOMOVERSE.

In addition MOBOX; The first to integrate with the Binance ecosystem using many tools such as Binance Pay and the Binance NFT Marketplace the metaverse it will be. Another issue of interest to investors will be the platform’s native cryptocurrency MBOX. Following the announcement, MBOX managed to climb to the 6.60 dollar levels by recording an increase of more than 50%.

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