Binance Coin (BNB) The Peaks of the Last 5 Years, a Store of Morale! Will BNB Rise?


The BNB created by the Binance crypto currency exchange has had a very serious success over the years. How has Binance Coin (BNB), which has been continuously doubling its price and earning its investors, performed for many years? Here are the BNB journey and current price forecasts from the day it was created to today!

Binance Coin (BNB)

The project, which was first launched on the Ethereum network in the form of an ERC-20 token, was then moved to its own network. BEEP2-based BNB, which continues its life in the Binance exchange-owned blockchain, has always brought its investors money to date.

BNB is 16th these days. He’s going through the Burn process. Although the figure has not yet been announced, the price is expected to affect when the details become clear. Binance, which has burned more than 1 million BNB in the first quarter this year, is the 16th. it is not yet known how many tokens will be destroyed during the burning period.

Binance Coin (BNB) is currently priced at $ 303. The price, which has fallen to $ 296 in the last 24 hours, has reached this level with Bitcoin’s upward attempts. However, the 20-day EMA is still far away and the 315 dollar level needs to be overcome quickly. If the downward movement continues, the 276 dollar support can be strongly tested. If this support is broken, there are 251 and 211 supports below. In the worst case scenario, a decrease of 30% is envisaged. Of course, for this scenario to happen, Bitcoin needs to lose 30,000 support and fall to $26,000 levels. Even in the worst case scenario, investors who bought BNB last year still remain in profit. So what peaks has the BNB seen in recent years?

Binance Coin (BNB) Peaks by Year

The project, which first announced its ICO in 2017, quickly increased to $ 11.3 in the same year. In other words, if you had made purchases even at the peak of 2017, your money would have been worth 2700% more today. The BNB has consistently found greater peaks in subsequent years. For example, in 2018, it increased by 120% and rose above the previous year’s peak. Binance Coin reached the temporary ATH point with a full $24.91 at that time.

2019 did not go very well for BNB, but still the ATH point of the previous year moved higher, by about 45%. Binance Coin was finding buyers at $39.43 in 2019.

Even in 2020, when it had its worst performance, BNB managed to beat the previous year’s record. A new ATH point was created with a difference of only 10 cents. BNB announced its record last year with $ 39.58. This detail should give us morale for the year 2022, right?

Yes, we have come to the year 2021, this year it was in the mood for a complete mega bull. This is an undeniable fact, although some new investors who have not mastered the market in recent years are dissatisfied. BNB, which saw a peak of $39.58 last year, reached the ATH point at exactly $ 689 this year. This price, which is an all-time record, represents a 1700% gain compared to last year.

If you have not entered the market this year and you are a long-term BNB hold investor, you should not be at a loss. No, if you made a purchase at the 689 dollar ATH point, the data for the past year may motivate you. It’s nice if we could cheer you up a little bit.

Of course, the comments shared here do not contain investment advice. You need to make your investments according to your own assessments.

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