Becoming a Millionaire at Zero Cost at the Age of 22! The NFT Collection that Surprises Everyone!


Since the second half of last year, the NFT sunday has grown significantly. It also provided great earning opportunities. 22-year-old Ghozali Ghozalu from Indonesia became a millionaire in a short time in a rather clever way. So what was the idea that came to Ghozalu’s mind?

NFT Has Earned 850 Thousand Dollars with Its Collection

The teenager, who surprised everyone and amazed everyone with her success, tried something that had never been tried before. 22-Year-old from Indonesia Ghozali Ghozalu, Which became famous overnight by posting its own photos on OpenSea. “Ghozali Everyday the collection, called ” “, includes self-shots taken by the 22-year-old every day when he was 18 to 22 years old, covering a period of time from dec017 to 2021.

Ghozali described the collection as “Really a picture of me standing in front of the computer every day” on OpenSea.

Ghozali Everyday

The concept of a “meme”, that is, a joke, has received a lot of attention in crypto currencies, and it is still being seen. Ghozali’s collection has also turned into a joke phenomenon. People 0,001 for entertainment purposes only ETHhe started buying photos from In a short time, interest grew like an avalanche, and the price of fluorine is 0.329 ETH it’s up to his level.

OpenSeawith an activity gain of 72,000% in the 24-hour trading volume ranking of the, the collection even entered the top 40. A few hours ago, the price base increased to 1 ETH ($ 3,250), which brought the value of the collection at that time to around 3 million dollars.

Ghozali the interest in his collection is colossal, which characterizes the beginning of 2022 NFT processing it has parallels with its volumes. In just the first ten days of January, OpenSea recorded a volume of over $ 1.36 billion.

There remains a keen interest in the NFT collection. December A few minutes, the collection pieces change hands.

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