Attention from the Company Official: Is PayPal Entering the NFT Sector?


Crypto currency with the increasing use of currencies and rising market values, many giant financial companies, especially Visa, Mastercard and PayPal, have started to support crypto assets.

PayPal Official: There Was a High Demand

In a recent podcast, Jose Fernandez, managing director of blockchain, crypto and digital currencies, said that PAYPAYL’s decision to support cryptocurrencies is a result of strong demand from its customers.

Jose Fernandez stated that it is a responsibility on behalf of PayPal to support crypto assets with this popular demand:

“We felt it was part of our responsibility to help make this asset class more accessible to the public.”

Fernandez, who has expressed that they will expand crypto asset services in their past statements, PayPal’s own stablecoinas for the rumors that he was going to release his, he flatly denied them.

NFT Discourse

Jose Fernandez, managing director of blockchain, crypto and digital currencies of the payment giant PayPal, NFThe expressed that the technical complications of purchasing and holding (non-fungible tokens) prevent many users from interacting with the industry:

“We certainly have a role to play in how we can enable a secure payment experience for NFTs… That’s what our merchant and business partner, especially in the media sector, wants.”

Is PayPal Entering the NFT Sector?

Along with this statement from the company official, PayPal NFTclaims that he has started working on the subject of have been talked about a lot on social media. While many users in the media emphasized the decentralization of digital assets, many users again expressed the opposite opinion that it is important for potential investors who cannot access these assets due to technical confusion for giant financial companies to provide crypto services.

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