Are Crypto Assets Really Dec Among Institutional Investors?


Anthony Scaramucci, founder of SkyBridge Capital, said in a recent interview that a large number of money managers crypto currency he said he continues to avoid his investments.

Corporate Acceptance Is Only About 10%

Anthony Scaramucci said that only 10% of the corporate finance sector has an interest in crypto assets, adding the following words about the issue:

“Crypto assets have not been able to gain a place among the institutionalized ones. Decadal assets have not been able to gain a place among the institutionalized ones. Someone who tells you that these assets are accepted among corporate companies is either dishonest or sees something that I don’t dec.”

A Fidelity report on digital assets found that seven out of ten institutional investors previously said that in the future crypto currency he had determined that he wanted to invest in its units. On the other hand, another report listed a number of obstacles for institutional investors to adopt the crypto asset class. Anatoly Crachilov, CEO of Nickel Digital, commented on the issue:

“Although many institutional investors have a positive view on investing in crypto assets going forward, the supervision and security of these assets has been a major concern for institutions.”

Corporate Interest in the Future Is Growing

Despite all these shortcomings, the data, DeFiit shows that there is a big increase in the adoption of (decentralized finance) by institutional investors. A recent survey by Chainalysis also found that major transactions by corporate actors are expected to reach the 2nd quarter of 2021. he points out that it accounted for more than 60% of all DeFi transactions in the quarter.

Dec That crypto assets are fully accepted among institutional investors here will not be a very realistic interpretation. However, the fact that more and more institutional investors are turning to this area every day is also a reality revealed by the data.

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