Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Talked About Cryptocurrencies!


In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak made some statements about cryptocurrencies. Previously crypto due to scammers YouTube faced with the fact that Steve does not have very optimistic expectations about the future.

Governments and Crypto

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak thinks that governments will be disturbed by the growing interest in cryptocurrencies. According to him, the increase in general acceptance will push governments to ban crypto currencies. Apple co-founder in an interview with Yahoo Finance Steve Wozniak he believes that governments will restrict crypto coins at the point where they cannot be controlled.

Who says that widespread adoption will lead to a ban on crypto currencies Steve said:

“The problem is that governments will never allow cryptos to get out of their control. Everything crypto if we get to a point where it is done with and for observation and taxation, governments may ban them if they think they have lost control”.

Accordingly, legal regulations in a broad framework may come to America soon. These regulations will bring many problems from tax to use in everyday life. Currently in our country crypto the use of coins in trade is prohibited, and the issue of taxation has not been clarified.

Bitcoin (BTC) Is Banned If It Grows

Wozniak, with these recent comments, Bitcointhe founder of Bridgewater Associates, who estimates that it is “very likely” that it will be illegal if it is too big Ray Dalio‘yu repeated. Then he called it an “artificial system”, adding that the government receives all its taxes from inflation.

Famous engineer of the states and companies of Bitcoin (BTChe considers it a good thing that he could not change ). Steve “Bitcoin (BTC) mathematically pure”.

“I love that people like Jack Dorsey are talking and that krypton should be the heart of our business deals. I am also not sure that the privacy-oriented actions are correct”.

Referring to the fact that it is difficult to monitor crypto currencies Steve, believes that this privacy may be violated. So Steve Wozniak says that as the cryptocurrency ecosystem grows, it will be banned, and at some point the government will say “stop” to this business.

But there is a problem with the prohibition of crypto currencies, as long as you have the Internet crypto your access to funds cannot be blocked. Even if banks blacklist crypto currency exchanges decisively, individuals can continue these barter transactions among themselves. China he tries to ban crypto coins, but thanks to DeFi, users manage to easily get rid of all these bans.

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