Analysts Are Sure That This Crypto Currency Will Rally!


The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoinwith the rise of, it can be easily stated that a positive mood prevails in the crypto currency market. In addition, some analysts say that with the price increase in BTC, altcoins will have much better charts. For example, from popular analysts of the market Michaël van de Poppe in his statements, he says that Cardano (ADA) will outperform Bitcoin.

Cardano and Bitcoin

Michaël van de Poppe, a popular crypto currency analyst, says that Cardano is gaining strength against Bitcoin and will take action to reach new highs. According to the analyst BTC/ADA bottom levels were seen in the trading pair and for this reason NAME soon BTC he can reach new heights in the face of it.

According to the popular analyst, the ISLAND has the potential to rise up to 6,500 satoshi. In addition, ADA has increased by over 2.100% in the last 12 months and is trading at October 2.20 as of the time of writing.

Why has the Cardano Price Increased?

Cardano’s price increase is the first to bring smart contracts to the network, and the long-awaited Alonzo it came just before the release of the hard fork. Cardano with Alonzo hardfork, Ethereum, Solana and it has become competitive with other smart contract platforms.

October August, Benjamin Cowen, a popular crypto currency analyst and investor, said that ADA will reach $ 4.5 as a result of performing as well as Bitcoin, and if BTC sees $ 150,000, it will reach $ 9. Cowen’s longer-term price expectation is at the level of $ 20.

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