An Interesting Guess: Is That Name Behind the Decline of Bitcoin (BTC)? 


Peter Brandt, one of the experienced investors of the market, made a Twitter share yesterday when he fell to $ 53,000 a little more Bitcoin (BTC) he expressed a desire to get it. After this exchange by Brandt, the rapid decline of BTC to $ 58,600 attracted attention.

Brandt’s Latest Statements

We have witnessed that statements made by important figures in the crypto currency community from time to time affect the market. Although there are some other reasons, it is believed that the recent statement made by Peter Brandt may also have a share in the recent pullback in the market.

An experienced analyst said in his last Twitter post that Bitcoin is at the level of B53,000 dollars and at the level of 4, 030 dollars Ethereum he expressed an interest in taking it.

However, after these comments, Brandt, crypto currency he has received serious reactions from his community, especially Bitcoin and Ethereum supporters. In his statement, the experienced name said that this tweet does not have any hidden meaning, he is not a bear, he is not interested in short positions, and he is just making predictions. Brandt, who also stated that the tweet does not have any investment advice at this point, expressed an interest in making new purchases only when there is a pullback to these levels.

The Latest Price Movements of Bitcoin

The leading cryptocurrency it continued the downward trend it started last night and the price declined to the levels of 58.600 dollars today. This caused a short-term panic in the market and the price managed to rise above the $61,000 levels again.

Analysts say that the 57.000 dollar and the 59.000 dollar are important support levels and that these two levels should be monitored.

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