An Important Transfer to the Project on the Cardano (ISLAND) Network!


With the Alonzo update, powerful projects have been started on the Cardano (ADA) network, which has left behind an important milestone for smart contracts. Cardano-based DeFi project ADALend has included an important name in the project as general manager. Here are the details of the new transfer and what you don’t know important about ADALend, one of the most important projects on the network.

Transfer of ADALend and Son

Proof of Work the largest smart contract platform that works with the algorithm Cardano (NAME) previously ADALendhe had announced the. ADALend, a multi-purpose decentralized finance protocol, has added the name Javed Khattak to its structure as General Manager. ADALend according to the official announcement of his team, Javed Khattak will take over the business strategy and corporate development processes.

The name chosen as the CFO of the year by Wealth & Finance magazine is among the top dec0 most influential people in the ICO sector. Javed Khattak has also provided consultancy services to governments, central banks and global companies. In fact, the total company value of some of its customers was more than £100 billion. He also provided consulting services to well-known institutions such as HSBC, Thomson Reuters, GSK, M&S and PwC.

Will Work For ADALend

Javed Khattak, ADALend he will make contributions in his field to move his project further. Javed has also held leadership and advisory board positions in the Blockchain, Enterprise Software, Artificial Intelligence and IoT sectors. He also contributes to popular publications such as The Economist, Express and Metro and lives in London.

Cardano (NAME) the network had activated its smart contract features about a year ago. Despite this, a large number of projects want to build their mechanisms on this network. The project, which sold 540 thousand dollars worth of ADAL tokens during the pre-sale process, attracted a lot of attention. ADALend is managed by fintech developers Philippe Dee and Sarawut Sanit. As for the CEO of the company, Kaspars Koskins is a very successful name in the field of finance and technology.

ADALend The date set for the launch of the Prototype Beta is the first quarter of 2022, and the full launch of the ADALend protocol is planned before the end of the year.

Total ADAL 30% of the tokens will be distributed to the team and developers. 30% of the total assets are reserved for staking, and there are also targets to be listed on all major stock exchanges by June 2022.

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