Adidas Has Announced a Partnership With Coinbase!


Another important partnership has been signed in the crypto currency market. The German clothing brand Adidas is the leading in America crypto currency it has partnered with Coinbase, one of its exchanges.

Coinbase Partnership with Adidas

German giant clothing brand Adidas, According to CoinMarketCap data, it is the second largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume Coinbase he announced his partnership with the company with a share made on his Twitter account. “We have partnered with Coinbase,” the Adidas official account wrote in a tweet. The Coinbase official account quoted the corresponding tweet and responded with “welcome to the party partner” using the phrase “GM”, which means good morning. Adidas recently had a collaboration with The Sandbox and Coinbase NFT the fact that he announced that he was carrying out a number of studies in his field caused claims to be made on social media that the cooperation in question would be on NFTS. However, no official announcement has been made yet regarding the scope of the partnership.

The Growing NFT Ecosystem

Recently, another giant clothing brand Nike da has applied to trademark various digital products. in 2019, the company received a patent for “Cryptokicks” – a platform for selling non-replaceable tokens, representing tokenized versions of physical shoes.

With the growing popularity of NFTs in 2021, a large number of giant companies began to conduct studies on NFTs, including in this ecosystem. From day to day, these companies began to establish various partnerships with leading cryptocurrency platforms. Moreover, the popularity of NFTs has not been limited to corporate companies. A large number of artists have also made their own works of art available through various platforms by NFTALIZING the digital values that they produce individually. Naturally, the transaction volume of NFT marketplaces also began to increase every day.

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