According to the Popular Analyst, the Ethereum (ETH) Rally Has Not Yet Begun


The second most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum, trading at $4,500 levels while maintaining an uptrend. Analysts raised their expectations for the price of ETH, while in-chain data analyst Mathew Hyland shared important predictions about the largest altcoin.

Mathew Hyland’s Ethereum Predictions

According to popular analyst Mathew Hyland Ethereum the rally has not started yet. The crypto currency market continues its upward course along with the upward trend of the leading Bitcoin. In the current situation, the route points upwards, while analysts and critics express expectations of a fluctuation and deep decline in the market.

Hyland expects a crazy increase from Ethereum. According to the experienced analyst ETH, it can reach over $14,000. Popular names, Ethereumreferring to the rally of in 2017, he marked a similar breakthrough. ETH was at the level of 10 dollars at the beginning of 2017, and it climbed up to 1.400 dollars in the 1-year period. Hyland explained that the price could be extended to $ 14,000 in the event of a repeat of this appearance.

Ethereum Expectations of Other Analysts

There were those who criticized the phenomenon, as well as those who agreed with the analyst’s views. Some commentators believe that in the absence of a similar movement, referring to the 2013-2014 cycle, expectations are in vain. The launch of an Ethereum ETF in the future is expected to drive the price into parabolic action. Another observer stated that the charts are very positive ETH/USDT he quoted that the pair would reach the $6,000 to $7,000 band.

Ethereum price has risen to 4.638 dollars in the last 24 hours and ATH has improved. ETHthe volume of transactions of the last 24 hours has increased by 11%.

As a result, many analysts keep Ethereum expectations high. Ethereumthe adoption of a deflationary structure, updates and upgrades in the network are one of the most important factors affecting the price, while the biggest problem seems to be transaction fees and scalability.

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