Academic Research Reveals That Ethereum Is ‘Superior’ to Bitcoin! Here Is The Reason…


Academic research has shown that the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is Ethereumit turns out that ‘un is a ’superior’ store of value compared to Bitcoin.

Ethereum Is Superior to Bitcoin

Australian university researchers, Bitcointhey questioned Ethereum’s reputation as the best value store network in the crypto currency and noted that Ethereum is on its way to becoming the “world’s first deflationary currency”.

The article of four Australian researchers dated November 18, states that the EIP-1559 upgrade ETHhe explains how it potentially makes it a better store of value. This research paper was co-authored by Ester Félez-Viñas of the University of Technology, Sydney, Sean Foley of Macquarie University, Jonathan Karlsen of the University of Western Australia, and Jiri Svec of the University of Sydney.

Ethereum’s August EIP-1559 upgrade, which saw the network incinerate some of its transaction fees, and more than a million ETHs were incinerated from 118,583,580 supplies in circulation.

The report is published from time to time, thanks to EIP-1559, 12,000 new editions per day ETHhe says that transaction fees, which account for more than 50% of, have been burned. They believe that as the demand for Ethereum increases due to the robust ecosystem of decentralized finance dApps, more ETH will be burned.

According to the researchers, Ethereum already has Bitcoinhe stressed that it is less inflationary than ‘

“When we evaluate the Ethereum creation rate annually since EIP-1559, the expected increase in the total Ethereum supply is only 0.98%, which is less than half of the 1.99% increase in the Bitcoin supply, which is almost certain for the same period.”

The researchers report the conclusion that Ethereum “provides better inflation protection features than Bitcoin and therefore ETH can offer a longer-term value storage superior to Bitcoin”.

Bitcointhere is a growing interest in the suitability of the supply of 21 million tokens as an inflation protection due to the widespread printing of money during the pandemic and the fact that inflation rose to 6.2% in the US in October. However, the research suggests that investors may also want to consider Ethereum for this purpose.

Ultra Solid Money

Ethereum proponents, in response to Bitcoin supporters touting BTC as “hard money” or “solid money ETHhe began to call “ultra-solid money”.

But Bitcoin supporters such as Michael Saylor, president of MicroStrategy, prefer Bitcoin because they consider it infinitely more secure in terms of hash rate and more reliable given its unchanging supply and rarely changed protocol.

Ethereum is constantly undergoing an evolution and has seen a change in issuance. On December 1, Saylor explained in Tucker Carlson’s program why he believes Bitcoin is the best option and said:

“Bitcoin is the highest form of ownership that the human race has ever invented.” MicroStrategy, Which acquired another $414 million worth of Bitcoin on November 29.

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