5 Coins That Have Entered the Radar of the Popular Analyst: They May Experience a Big Increase Before the End of 2021!


An analyst closely followed by crypto currency investors Tom Busby by the end of 2021, he shared 5 crypto currencies with his followers that have a very large earning potential. Busby also explained in detail why he expects an increase.

Utrust (UTK)

The first place in the analyst’s list is occupied by Utrust (UTK) it is designed to provide solutions to the problems caused by the availability of cryptocurrency as a means of payment, in particular, the underdeveloped transaction security of payment platforms and relatively high fees.

Utrust in his statements about Busby, “One of the most serious problems of the crypto currency is price volatility. Utrust aims to protect both buyers and sellers from the effects of this situation by protecting sellers against market volatility and providing buyers with a refund option.” he’s using his words.

At the time the article was being prepared for publication UTK, it is trading at $0.42 and is well below the $1.49 ATH level for the time being.

Vechain (VET)

Next up is the first digital carbon ecosystem project Vechain (VET) there is. According to the analyst, the price of VeChain has exceeded expectations in recent days and has risen by as much as 13%. However, the recent uptrend may indicate a possible stage of withdrawal or consolidation.

Busby used the following words on the subject:

VeChain exists to replace traditional supply chain models, an industry that has changed little in the decades before blockchain. Using transparent technology without a single weak point or control provides greater security, efficiency and ease of monitoring products in a given supply chain, while reducing cost through automation.

The article was written at the time VET, it is trading at $0.15 and is approximately 43% below its ATH of $0.27.

DAFI Protocol (DAFI)

DAFI Protocol (DAFI), Which comes across as the third cryptocurrency on Busby’s radar. The investor emphasizes that DAFI has taken important steps to change every reward distribution model in the cryptocurrency industry:

After months of extensive planning, hard work and building partnerships, the blockchain initiative has officially launched the second iteration of its Super Staking platform.

The new SuperPools includes smarter dToken deployments and offers more stable APY rates. In addition, this fee model encourages the mass adoption of Super Staking in the form of a standard stake program in the blockchain industry, while guaranteeing that Super Stakers will be rewarded with frequent APY increases for their commitments.

Electroneum (ETN) and AIOZ (AIOZ)

Electroneum, it is a mobile phone-based crypto platform that offers an instant payment system. Busby is related to this project, “Electroneum takes a different approach than other cryptocurrencies, even in mining. Electroneum effectively eliminated the need for expensive, dedicated, power hungry mining devices when it launched its first mining application in March 2018.” he’s using his words.

Finally, the analyst has a distributed CDN built on his own blockchain AIOZ Networkhe testifies that he is following the . AIOZIn it, users share redundant memory, storage, and bandwidth resources to create a large CDN that can power streaming platforms anywhere in the world.

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