4 Altcoins with the Potential to Increase by 100 Times! Altcoin Opportunity Hunter Announces Crypto Gems!


Altcoin Buzz, crypto currency he is closely followed by his investors. Analysts who have reached thousands of investors and published updates related to crypto opportunities point out 4 altcoins. According to experts, these 4 altcoin it can be valued 100 times in the medium term. Of course, no matter who says it, there is no such thing as seeing the future in the crypto currency markets. That is why you need to shape your investments as a result of your evaluation by doing your own research.

Vlaunch (VLAUNCH)

The Metaverse project is Vlaunch (VLAUNCH at the top of the list. We recently heard about this altcoin from other analysts. Crypto currency this project, which is heavily advertised by its phenomena, is either really promising, or has a fairly strong advertising budget.

Altcoin Buzz analysts VLAUNCH he believes that his price will have a big boom. On October 11, part of the supply to the community was distributed via Telegram. To date, they have grown their community to 40.2 thousand people through intensive advertising work. The stock market listings have not started yet, but it is obvious that a big hype has been tried to create in the project. For short-term opportunities, this risky investment can be tried.

CryptovsZombies (CVZ)

CryptoVsZombie is the ultimate crypto tower defense game that requires players to multitask in attack and defense modes. The game, which looks fun with a competitive model, can make its name among the GameFi projects dec

CryptoVsZombie, is the first win-win, competitive tower defense game built on the Binance Smart Chain. Therefore, the game’s transaction fees are low, and the administration fees are very important to make GAMEFI a success”.

Altcoin Buzz is also part of the platform IDOhe also announced that he will launch his presentation in Q1/2022 on InfinityPad, Redkite, GameFi, GameStation, Card Starter. Also in the same period, the alpha version of the game will also be released.

SolChicks (CHICKS)

The next crypto gem shared by the Altcoin Buzz team SolChicks (CHICKS) is. Project, Solana it was built on it and aims to create the best fantasy NFT gaming environment.

“We like SOLCHICKS because players will fight in PvP battles and PvE raids in a full 3D real-time battle RPG. The game is cute, where players use their SOLCHICKS as characters in a unique game metaverse SolChick It revolves around NFT collections”.

Also, on November 26 CHICKS the token will be launched on the Solana (LEFT) network. In the first quarter of next year, they will release the alpha version of the SolFox Challenge and Battle of the SOLFOX.

Legends of Elumia (ELU)

Legends of Elumia, a P2E where players collect, create and play NFTs in a 3D multiplayer action RPG the metaverse‘dir. Another game that uses the Solana network is Legends of Elumia. Many GameFi now prefer the Solana network, as it is much faster, cheaper and safer.

According to analysts, the in-game economy has been successfully built. With a functional server and game infrastructure ELU token it is hoped that its price will also be valued quickly.

Disclaimer Of Liability: The information contained in this article absolutely does not contain investment advice. Investors should be aware that crypto currencies carry high volatility and therefore risk, and they should conduct their transactions in accordance with their own research.
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