3 Promising Altcoins: The Cryptos That Will Shine in the Coming Days, According to Analysts


Due to the recent volatile market movements, it seems that investors’ expectations also differ and that there are actually confusion from time to time. Analysts, on the other hand, give advice to investors during these periods, taking into account the charts of crypto currencies, social media interactions, developments, volumes and teams.

In accordance with all these assessments, there are three crypto currencies that are expected to increase in prices in the coming days: Polygon (MATIC), Harmony (ONE) and Chainlink (LINK).

Bullish Signals in MATIC

Polygon is among the crypto currencies and projects that we have often heard of recently. Decoy is one of the most popular crypto currencies and projects that we have heard of recently. Previously Matic Network known as Polygon, Ethereum comes across as a platform created for scaling and infrastructure improvements. MATIC is Polygon its platform continues to exist as a local crypto currency and is expected to become increasingly important at the point of management.

In addition to the fact that its platform and community are strong, technical tables, according to analysts, are also MATIC it gives positive signals about MATIC, which was trading at $1.14 at the time of the publication of the article, received its share of the May 19 decline, like every crypto currency. According to analysts, it is currently trading at $1.50, followed by $ 1.75 as significant resistors.

Along with the recovery in the market MATIC priceit is also expected to increase in the coming weeks. But at this point, analysts, Bitcoin priceit should be noted that it will be a router.

Recent Developments May Affect the Price of ONE

with the steps taken in 2021 of the year Harmonyit is believed that the exceeds expectations with innovative products and offers. Developments continue to progress in accordance with the roadmap entitled ”Scaling up Cross-Chain Financing”, and steps are being taken successfully, according to expert dec.

In October, Validator DAO was launched in Harmony. But october the next 6 months, additional DAOs will be released that improve the decentralization of the network. Also in the community, launched on May 25 “Harmony ONE Love Hackathon – 2. Type” and he’s waiting for it to end. 425 developers participated in the hackathon, as a result of which more than $ 300,000 in prize money will be distributed.

In terms of infrastructure, Harmony is also improving interoperability through the use of bridges. Ethereum Its bridge works effectively on both Proof of Work and Proof of Stake platforms, while offering speed and transaction fee efficiency. In addition, Bitcoin Bridge works with Bitcoin-based assets such as Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Chainlink Price Expectations

it is one of the most profitable crypto currencies of 2021 LINKEDit is also thought that a new increase chart will be launched in the coming days. It is believed that $ 20 is a psychological level for LINK, which was trading at $ 19.4 at the time the article was prepared for publication.

According to analysts, the sales pressure on LINK is lifting and investor interest seems to be increasing. For this reason, it is thought that exceeding the 20 dollar will accelerate the upward momentum in the LINK price. At this point, analysts Chainlinkhe recalls that on May 10, he broke the all-time record with $ 52, and points out that there is a lot of space in front of him for an increase in the event of a rally.

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