2022 Tips: These Strategies in BTC, ETH and Altcoins Can Make the Investor Rich!


Together with the whole world, we are preparing to leave another year behind in the crypto currency market. Therefore, the opinions of investors and analysts about the new year are also taking shape. Closely followed analyst in the market Lark Davis with his remarks, he shared with his followers how to follow a strategy in Bitcoin and altcoins in 2022. According to Davis, these strategies can make investors rich in 2022.

And I ethereu Bitcoin

Davis, who has been in the cryptocurrency ecosystem for a long time, of course Bitcoin and Ethereum he says he has an investment. Davis says that the investment strategy in Bitcoin is HODL. In other words, Davis does not want to sell his BTC and says that he will continue to accumulate it.

On the other hand, Ethereum is also included in the analyst’s portfolio as a long-term investment asset. Stating that he is looking for new opportunities, Davis says that he uses some of his ETH’s at yield farming.

Therefore, the analyst adopts a long-term investment and accumulation strategy in Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Which Coins Does He Not Invest In?

In his statements, Davis stated that in his investment strategy NFThe says that he does not include the ’and does not plan to invest too much in NFTs in 2022. Although he is interested in some NFTs and makes small purchases, the analyst says that he will not devote too much money to this area.

In addition, Davis layer october blockchain he also expresses that he does not plan to invest in his projects. The analyst says that he does not see any great yield opportunities in this regard.

Which Coins Does He Invest In?

Davis, like many analysts, says that he will turn to the field of gaming and the metaverse in 2022. Because, according to the analyst, the game and the metaverse its ecosystem will allow tens of millions and even hundreds of millions of participants to come to cryptocurrencies. Participants can have a good time and earn tokens by playing play-to-earn games.

According to the analyst, these games will have a hundred or a thousand-fold return for investors. Stating that the game and the metaverse will be trending throughout 2022, the analyst says that gains of up to 100 times can be made from this ecosystem.

The analyst expresses that he will evaluate DeFi projects in 2022 as the second one. Because according to the analyst DeFi, it comes across as one of the most revolutionary aspects of the crypto currency ecosystem.

Finally, Davis expresses that he will evaluate stablecoins in 2022. StablecoinDavis, who stated that he will use yan to lend money on lending platforms, also says that he will benefit from yield farming.

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