What Is the Development of Virtual Reality Technology?

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What Is the Development of Virtual Reality Technology?

Virtual Reality alias VR is not something new in the world of technology. Its presence is long enough. However, the popularity of this wonderful technology has only risen around 2014. It is estimated that the development of VR will continue to occur and more interesting from year to year. Because also the world’s leading technology companies are now competing diligently to help develop this technology. In 2017 alone the most popular types of VR devices are Mobile VR, then Desktop VR and also Console VR. Among the three, which shows a more sophisticated development is the Mobile VR or VR devices that use using a smartphone as a platform or screen.

Compared to the development of smartphones, the journey from developing VR devices is no better. But it is predicted that in the next few years the development of VR will be as fast as smartphone development. The transition to VR is a different challenge. Another problem, the application and content for the initial VR appearance is still very minimal. In fact, not all PCs can support VR technology. Its application has not yet penetrated into other lines other than in the world of entertainment. Uneven distribution is also part of the factor why VR devices are quite difficult to reach at the beginning of their presence. Moreover, the price is also quite expensive. In Indonesia, VR glasses products are on average still priced at over 5 million rupiah. Certainly not a cheap tag indeed.

However, technological developments that occur along with the continued development of modern society makes virtual reality devices also have progress until 2017. Now VR devices are not only available for PC users, but are also increasingly popular to be developed into smartphones. As stated earlier. Even more interesting is that several well-known smartphone vendors have launched VR glasses products to support their smartphones that are equipped with virtual reality supporting technology. The potential success of VR on smartphones is predicted to be far better than VR on PCs. Even smartphones are predicted to be the front line for the development of virtual reality technology.

As we know also that the development of smartphones from time to time occurs so rapidly. Did not take long to wait for the new technology that is good on the smartphone. So that way, the hope of the development of VR is also quite large based on the development of smartphones that have supported this sophisticated technology. Especially now that even VR device manufacturers are always trying to bring interesting innovations to the VR device products they market. Especially at the point of technology which is definitely getting here clearly always wants to be present with the best and most advanced technology. VR devices now have attractive specifications, amidst the competition of VR device vendors that also occur.

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