The Development of Virtual Reality That Does Not Lose Like a Smartphone

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Today’s modern society is clearly familiar with so-called smartphones aka smartphones. We also realize that the development of smartphones runs so rapidly from year to year there is no stopping. It must be recognized that technology is developing continuously as well so that smartphone vendors are also aggressively launching new products with the latest technology. Including in 2017 as well. Well, interestingly again, this is not only the case with smartphones. Virtual Reality or VR devices are increasingly showing their existence. The development also continues to be demonstrated by VR device development companies with the presence of new VR device products along with attractive specifications.

It is not impossible if the development of virtual reality devices will run the same as the development of smartphones, which runs rapidly along with the presence of the latest technologies. In 2017 itself as we have seen, virtual reality is increasingly becoming a technology that hits. Its popularity has only become. For the time being, developments in VR devices are still limited, but this development is expected to continue until 2021. So it is possible that the development of virtual reality will match the rapid sophistication of smartphone development. At least we can see that the beginning of the emergence of this technology requires a computer device as a platform. But not now,

Right now, in 2017 there are at least 3 types of VR devices chosen by consumers. The first is Virtual Reality Mobile which requires two main tools namely smartphones that support VR devices and another one is VR glasses for sure. Then the second type is the VR desktop, where this type of VR device requires connecting a PC whose development is earlier than VR Mobile. While another one that is no less popular is the type of Console VR, a type of VR device that is only used with a certain console such as the PlayStation VR (PSVR).

Predicted from the three types of VR, the one that will experience more rapid development is VR Mobile. Because as we know that now smartphones have become part of the life of modern society. The more modern lifestyle of people, of course, the demand for devices with advanced technology will continue to occur the better. No exception to the growing number of smartphone users who want to try out the excitement of using VR devices with their cellphones. Even now smartphone vendors themselves are starting to look to compete in presenting technology support for VR devices on smartphone products being marketed. For this reason, it can be said that later developing virtual reality devices will match the development of smartphones.

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