Smartphone Technology That Hits Throughout 2017

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Talking about technology in the modern era like now is indeed endless. Especially when talking about technological developments that occur on smartphones. As is known that smartphones have now become part of the needs of most of our society. Smartphone vendors are not surprised if they continue to improve to bring advanced technology to their new smartphones. Well, in 2017 smartphone technology that is and will be hits throughout the year some of which are as follows:

1. Modular Smartphone Design

The concept of a modular smartphone body, which allows smartphones to be assembled is one of the technologies expected to be hit in 2017. In 2016, there were already smartphone vendors pioneering the presence of modular smartphones in Indonesia. This modular design allows users to upgrade smartphone components such as batteries, cameras, and so on.

2. Folding Screen

Smartphone screen technology that can be folded seems not just a mere discourse. The folding screen design on the latest smartphone this year is not like the clamsheel design that existed in the cell phone of the previous era. Because what is meant is the screen really can be folded. Surely this is a sophisticated and latest technology that makes the smartphone look even better.

3. 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 835 Chipset

RAM and chipset are part of a smartphone that is always a concern of every consumer who wants to buy a new smartphone. RAM and chipset itself also from year to year continues to experience the development. In 2017, the amount of RAM on a smartphone that will be a hit is 8GB RAM. While the latest chipset that has enlivened the world of technology in 2017 is Snapdragon 835. With the latest and advanced technology from Snapdragon 835, smartphones running this ciamik chipset can certainly run more resiliently.

4. Eye Scanner

The security system in a smartphone is always experiencing updates and progress. Because smartphone manufacturers certainly want to bring smartphone products with the best level of security. In 2017, the security system with sophisticated technology on smartphones has been running on the development of an eye scanner. Last year maybe the security system that hit was a fingerprint scanner. This eye scanner is predicted to have a much better level of security than a fingerprint scanner.

5. USB Type-C Audio

This USB Type-C has actually been around for quite a while. However, its popularity has only been lifted this year. This USB Type-C port has been installed on several smartphones launched in 2016 as a replacement for the abandoned jack hole. It is estimated that 2017 will be the era of smartphone jack-less and the revival of USB Type-C. Because this section is no less important on smartphones, which of course also occur developments from time to time.

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