Make PPOB Online Payments via Dompetkuplus, Can You Do It?

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Are you included in an online business? Are you one of the consumers who likes shopping through Madia online? Or do you belong to these two groups? Yaps, if so then you will often do online transactions, for buyers the transaction is intended to get the desired item while for business people, of course, to get profits. Have you ever thought if you could make PPOB Online Payment via Dompetkuplus ? Of course you can do it in various ways, one of which is the simplest way, namely transfers between accounts.


Transfers between accounts can be used as online payments other than paypal.Making transfers directly between accounts is considered safer compared to transactions using other applications. Although this method is sometimes considered outdated, but with a guarantee from the sender and receiver, you can track where the money we send or transfer. So the risk of fraud can be minimized. In addition, our personal identity can be maintained and cannot be accessed by recipients or sellers of goods online and the confidentiality of our identity is guaranteed. However, payments through transfers between accounts also have some weaknesses or shortages. The disadvantage of transferring between bank accounts is that the buyer will usually incur additional costs for the packaging and shipping process. sometimes additional fees are also charged if you make a transaction to a different bank. Usually transaction fees for transfers to different banks range from Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 20,000.
PPOB Online Payment via Dompetkuplus may seem more complicated and many costs must be incurred, especially if we transfer abroad with a different bank. But for you online business people and online shopping enthusiasts, you don’t need to worry because now Dompetku plus online payment media is available in the form of an Indosat e-money service that can make it easy for you to carry out various online transactions quickly, safely and flexibly. Registration is also very easy and has a variety of features that will certainly make it easier for you to transact online.

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