Language Ability in Children from an Early Age

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Language skills in children is one of the 6 aspects of early childhood development  through the ability to communicate. A child can basically communicate since he was a baby through a reflexive cry when he feels something. In each stage of growth and development, language skills in a child will be increasingly developed. Entering the age of a toddler, a child begins to recognize vocabulary that is increasing from time to time. While at the age of the toddler, a child has started to be able to say a sentence, to tell something in large amounts of vocabulary and long sentences.

These are the stages of development in language skills in every child both consciously and unconsciously. Every child in general will progress in their language abilities. With different abilities, the way of speaking and the amount of vocabulary they master will also not be the same. However, delays in language skills experienced by a child can also occur due to lack of brain stimulation that is able to convey a variety of information received at the appropriate time. For this reason, in order for children’s language skills to develop optimally, various stimulations that mothers and fathers can provide to their children from an early age are needed.

6 aspects of early childhood  development which include the development of language skills in children aims to enable children to comprehensively process words, express words in their body language, and understand every word that is heard and spoken, so that he is able to convey any information he has he received from the people around him, including his playmates.

A child can achieve the goal of developing language skills through other supporting factors such as by listening, speaking, reading and writing. A child at an early age (toddlers) has a strong memory for everything he listens to. In addition, children also need the opportunity to talk and be heard, so they will feel considered important. Every child who sees a series of letters in a media that is provided will arouse his curiosity, so that indirectly the ability to communicate will develop. You can practice these exercises to stimulate language skills in children.

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