Considerations Before Buying Chinese Production Passenger Cars

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Indonesia became one of the largest automotive exhibition venues some time ago, a lot of events that took place over approximately 2 weeks. One that has received much attention from the public is when a new SUV type from China is on display. Not only was the design that made the visitors amazed but the  price of the  DFSK Glory 580 passenger car also made many people shake their heads. Not because it’s too expensive is the opposite.

The price of a four-wheeled transportation is often an important consideration before someone buys it. If you look at the type of SUV that circulated first in Indonesia, on average it has a price of around 500 million. It turned out to be one of the weapons of the Chinese manufacturers by issuing the latest SUVs, high quality but still very affordable prices for Indonesian families.

Considerations for Buying a Passenger Car


In general, considerations of buying a passenger car are not only from the price but several other things as well, such as:

  • Needs.

The first must see from the needs of each person that is different, for example a car for personal, family, business or others. That way the model that will be chosen will also be different. So this is a major consideration before you see other important things.

  • The design.

Not a few people who make the design or model of the car as a very important consideration. So do not be surprised if there are currently many car models in Indonesia with their respective advantages. Just like the Glory 580 car that provides two variants to the public namely comfort and luxury.

  • Solid kitchen.

The engine in the car becomes a very important component to see how well the car’s performance when used. Often people think that buying a passenger car at a high price will have good engine capabilities. But this is not always true, as evidenced by Chinese manufacturers who have succeeded in providing inexpensive products that are not cheap.

  • Feature or technology.

The development of the era certainly makes a change also from the technology used in each vehicle. This is clearly seen when you choose a car to be purchased, everyone wants to have a car with the latest features or technology that is not outdated.

Of all the factors above that do not miss is paying attention to the price given to a car. Cheap or expensive is actually not a big problem for those who really want a quality item. But it will be very important to consider when you want to get a quality but inexpensive car. Well, you will definitely be surprised when you see the price of cars manufactured by Chinese manufacturers of SUV types. Only with less than 300 million you can get Glory 580. Many advantages, such as:

  1. Cool design, elegant and very classy.
  2. Having features and supporting technology that are modern and sophisticated.
  3. The price is not too expensive, very suitable for Indonesian families.
  4. Runway or engine that is good enough for all terrain.

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DFSK Sokong is one of the best quality car manufacturers but the price is very affordable. Since it was first introduced at the IIMS exhibition some time ago, currently DFSK already has an official number of approximately 15. Now, for those of you who are interested in the design, specifications, and prices of DFSK Motors, you can directly visit the nearest dealer.


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